Nutrients dispensing?

Is there a way to tell on the user end if nutrients were dispensed? I usually wait after a water change and hear them being dispensed but today when I changed the water the light stayed green and wouldn’t change. I had to unplug the unit and it went back to normal but I never heard the nutrients dispensed.

I have had that happen. Submit a ticket to support. They will help. I use a black marker to mark my bottles before each drain and fill so I know where my nutrient levels are before and after. Hope this helps. Happy growing!


Conduct another drain/fill, they will most likely dispense.


@Greengo I mark the level on the bottles right before I do a water change, thanks @SWSVIC for that idea. This way if I get distracted and forget to listen for the pumps I can tell based on whether or not the amount in the bottle has changed.

Edited because apparently my iPad has a mind of it’s own.