Nutrient Burn or Root Rot?

Im seeing orange tips on some of the new growth, and the new growth seems to be a lighter shade of green than the old growth.

It looks almost like light stress.

The roots are showing a brown color for the lower half.


You should open a ticket with support and include a pic of the leafs.

You can email them
Or use the web interface.


I’ve opened a ticket, but I’m waiting to hear back.

I was hoping that someone might have an idea what’s going on in the meantime :slight_smile:

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Can you take a photo of the stem near the pod

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Here is a better picture of the stem. Do you think that Im over doing it when the LST? Is it bent too much?


Here is the response from Grobo:

  • pH - Within recipe range. Good!
  • EC - Within recipe range. Good!
  • Temperature - Within optimal growing conditions. Good!
  • Nutrient Dosing - Dosed according to recipe range like normal. Good!

Therefore, from these findings, we have the following to share:

  • The roots don’t appear to have root rot. Root rot’s telltale signs are dark brown, slimy, and really smelly film on the root system. Your plant’s roots look like they have normal nutrient stain. Nothing to worry about there.

  • The brown spots don’t appear to originate from any nutrient deficiency, as her readings are all within normal recipe range and the spots have not taken over more than 40% of the leaf. Our team believes she’ll grow out of this in time. Keep an eye on if it crawls up the canopy to the very top foliage, then, reach out if it does.


Looks good. Hrm
Keep the water topped up to help



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The brown spots have gotten worse and is spreading.

I think she’s dying…

Ive opened another ticket with grobo team, but Im starting to wonder if buying this Grobo was a mistake.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money for $2k+ for a door stop.

Is there anything I can do to save this grow?

Maybe I should build my own setup :frowning:

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It looks like calcium deficiency to me. The roots looks healthy to me. Did you check your lines like @SilverGrobo posted earlier? I wonder what support replied :thinking:

Check this website out: It can help while waiting to hear back from support.

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thanks @SilverGrobo, @pha720

I checked the lines and they seem to be okay. Bottle number five (the cal-mag) is almost half empty.

So, I think that the dosing is working, and Grobo team confirmed that the bottles were dosing according to the recipe. PH is 6.2 (optimal range for cal-mag dosing), Temp 72F, Humidity 47%

But, when I initially posted, and took a picture of the roots, I had to pull the roots away from the bottle 5 since it was somewhat suck over the top. My impression at the time was that maybe the roots were getting too much nutrients because of that. So I moved the roots into the middle of the reservoir, away from the bottles.

After that, I saw the brown spots spread all over the plant and wilting too. So, now Im thinking that it might be nutrient lockout.

I just changed the water today. But, Im not sure if I should try flushing the plant with a supplement something like Flawless Finish.

I still have not heard back from Grobo team.

I’m beginning to wonder if I made a mistake buying this thing, and maybe I should have build my own system. :frowning:

I have a tower garden, and its way more work, but it’s easy to maintain. I have 23 plants growing like gangbusters, but with the grobo I cant get one plant grow properly.

This whole process has been super frustrating.



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Is bottle #4 newer than 3 and 5? If not you may have a bubble in your nute line for #4.

Also, is it just the angle, or is the contents of #3 separated? From this angle it looks like some of the stuff in that bottle is separated, causing it to look similar to how oil and water separate.