Nutes, water & germination

Hi everyone, I just started my 2nd grow (Gorilla Zkittlez Indica) & was wonder 2 things

  1. do I need to change water every week if there’s no germination yet?
  2. should the nutes be pumping into the unit (automatically) since there is no germination yet?
    Thank you ahead of time for your responses
  1. do I need to change water every week if there’s no germination yet?

If you have started a recipe day one is germination stage.
Yes the water needs to be changed once a week say like every Sunday to maintain the proper environment for your grow. Not changing water can result in bacteria,
Slime, nutrients not being dispursed etc…

  1. should the nutes be pumping into the unit (automatically) since there is no germination yet?

Nutrients are pumped into the reservoir everytime the water has been drained & filled to level out the ph in the water and provide food for your plant.

Are you asking these questions because your seed has not sprouted? If so how many days has it been? Did you do a full cleaning, santizing and calibration before starting your grow?


I was kinda unsure about if the nutrients were dispensed on the very initial fill as well, thanks for clearing that up.

Also, Grobo should really say something about cleaning, sanitizing, and calibrating before growing. The step-by-step instructions do not indicate doing so. I probably would have otherwise :open_mouth:

I assumed since my pH pen was in a storage solution and out of the factory, I would imagine there should be some kind of quality control on being calibrated out of the box. I do have calibration solution as well but I didn’t think it would be necessary up front… if I notice some problems I’ll be set to calibrate


You mentioned that you were on your second grow so I didnt think the probe was out of the box.
Normally your suppossed to calibrate every 3 months or more often if needed.

I didnt find anything about when or how often to clean and sanitize right off but I will keep looking. If I dont find anything I will notify support to see if it can be added.
So as a rule of thumb always clean, sanitize and calibrate before a new grow so you dont run into any really nasty problems! Let us know if you start to have trouble for sure!

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Thanks for clearing that up Stephen :+1:t2:


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image @Stephen says:

  • Yes, I do dispense nutes in stage 1 during the 1st week. Not much, but I do. It’s more to prime the lines than feed the plant much. And keep the pH probe healthy. It doesn’t like sitting in RO alone.




I mark the bottles @ each feed but know I should keep more/better records (one for the I want more data access brigade I think) but it even seems a wile since my last water change :thinking:!

Hopefully she kicks in before Saturday & if not I’ll do a manual change & Definitely check nutes :+1::pray::fist_right:

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