Day 5 First ever grow!

Woke up this morning to a little friend.

Following Grobo guides to the letter on this first go around and will incorporate different techniques as the grows add up. Wicked excited

White Widow


Noob, huh? That’s ok. We will show you the ropes. I remember when my first seedling sprouted. It was a white widow, also! I sure was naive 16 days ago.


I need to ask: Is that a White Widow Autoflower? I hope so. There are also seeds for sale, for WW Feminized (which can grow to a height of 8 feet outdoors) and WW Regular…(Male AND Female) for those in the Cheap Seats.

I’m assuming it’s an Auto. Good place to start, for a Beginner. Autoflowering, sturdy plant, fairly disease resistant. Good choice! Keep us updated please.

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16 days can be an eternity!!


No Auto flowers here. It’s an alleged Feminized seed, but I guess one doesn’t really know that until she sprouts a bit.

Edit: I should note that it’s a hybrid as well. So, that should tame out the propensity to skyrocket in the right climate.


Day 8! Nice taproot starting to peak out from the pod bottom. First drain/fill done (some gotchas with that process, but we’re all good now). Is it normal to not see any nute dispersion yet? Seems like the first D/F sets the stage for nute deployment…


Nutes don’t dispense till day 10 or 11, can’t remember which. They should dispense automatically fo the first dose without a drain/fill. After that they will only dispense after a drain/fill. You’re all good.

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Thanks FireGuy!

If only there was a ”sticky” section on the forum…lol



Day 3/14 early veg. Plant seems to have stagnated the past 4-5 days. Not much change since day 7 or 8 of seedling. Sitting right about an inch of height. Coco pod was DRENCHED on top. A light touch would give a lot of squishy water bubbles. I gently pushed the pod up about 3/8” and gently squeezed out excess water. There is one root showing through the pod bottom and that’s about 2 - 2.5” long and physically touching the water. I understand that pushing the pod up a bit will force the root to go seeking, and 24 hrs later the pod top is finally getting to a damp condition versus soaked.

Water level still “high” since the the first drain and fill. Nutes pushing ever so slightly.

Temps: H2O 64*; 74-76 box; RH 45-52%

Seemed like the seedling base was too wet? Hopefully this gets some results.


You should be ok. Your temps and RH are looking stellar!

This is EXACTLY what you should have done so great job. Only other piece of advice would be to take a paper towel and press a little on the top of the pod to help dry it out a couple times a day. Also, if you have a small fan to put in the grobo pointed towards the pod, that’ll help dry it out as well.


Awesome man! Thanks for the confirm!


Other factors I actually have info on now. Using a Govee remote Temp/Humidity sensor in the box and a sanitized remote(ish) sensor probe in the reservoir. Water temps dropped to 62* last night, as the downstairs tends to cool off significantly.

Not sure if the pic will upload to this post, but one can deduce the lights go off right around midnight until 4 am everyday. As such, the internal box temp also plummets. Looks like it got down to 61*. I understand some temp drop is expected (and necessary), but fear it may be shocking the little girl. To counter this, I have adjusted my heat pump timing to increase temps everyday to 77* to help counter the cold sink caused by “lights out”.

FYI, my heat pump unit sits right above the Grobo box and provides a more consistent environment control.

Could my little girl’s stagnation be caused by the sudden 8-10* drop in temps at night?

I will collect more data in the following 24-48 hrs.


The water could be getting a little too cold for your girl. It might be slowing growth a little. I think you’re on the right track of bumping the temps up when lights are off. keeping a 65-69 water temp is beneficial for the plant as well as keeping the chance of root rot to a minimum.


Appreciate the quick response!! Going to have to get creative on heating the water, I think. I used to use thermal blankets on car boys when fermenting a brew, but that tank in the unit doesn’t contact any walls.

Time to do some research.

It would be nice to have this Grobo somewhere else in the house versus the downstairs area. Ah well.

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As internal temps rise, so will the water temp. Where my unit sits, i’ve noticed that water is pretty much where the ambient is, maybe 1-2 degress warmer. Do you have the lower right back panel open?

Hey @Bearbode1,

Ideally your temps don’t swing more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit each day. We usually are fighting to bring our temps down, not up, but I agree with @FireGuy, 68 or 69 is the sweet spot for your root zone.

Good luck on this grow, sounds like your plant has a good grower on her side!



No. I do not have that panel open. Although, that could be an entry point for warmer air?

On the downside, it gets a touch too chilly on the downstairs floor, me thinks.

I believe I will do 2 things. First, I can raise the Grobo onto a platform to get out of the cold sink. Plus, that will keep my arthritic arse off the floor as well. Hahaha.

Second, I’m going to see if I can tactically acquire some sort of heating probe and somehow sneak it into the reservoir if option 1 doesn’t help.

Any fish aquarium heater should work just fine. one rated for 5-10 gal, no larger. Only possible issue would be every one i’ve seen has a little light on it and we know roots don’t like light. not sure if aa tiny red light would cause any issues though.

Thanks Stephen! I’m all in on this Cannabis Industry. Something I’ve never done before, never thought of doing before, and have had 23+ Years working for the Fed Gov here in the States…this whole industry is still a stigmatic “no-no”. Hahaha

And yet, here we are!

That’s a bang up idea. A little lightbulb can be overcome quite simply.


Thanks bud!