Nutes Burn maybe

Question below is a couple pictures of my plant with lower leaf damage. I’m thinking when I watered the pot on Sunday I got nutes on my leafs and it burned them… Do you think I’m correct my on thoughts?

Also On Sunday I re-potted her into a bigger pot the roots looked perfect and white


We’re the like that before you spilled nutes? I’ve foliar sprayed like An idiot to early and the lights were on while the foliar spray was applied and I woke up the next day to multiple discolorations so what your saying is possible if you didn’t have issues before you spilled nutrient s

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Saturday they good fine

Sunday I moved her into a bigger pot watered with nutes I did get some feed water on the fan leaves. Also I turned my lights up a bit. Monday I seen the marks starting then everyday getting a bit worse. I just trying to confirm it’s not something else that I’m missing.

At this point would you remove them?

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Did you up the ppms?

Feed water was 6.2 ph and ec was 1300 I normally just check my ec not my Ppm.

I’m starting to think I have something else going on now my second plant in there has a couple fan leaves starting. Just not sure what yet

Here is my other plant

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((#YourLeavesAreTalking)): :brown_circle: =

PH imbalance for sure:

I’m not a pro and can’t help you with your dosing, but your right on the problem:



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