Nute dispensing follow which schedule?

Does the dispense of nutes follow the same schedule as the weekly notifications? Or doesnit follow the stages under the Grobo maintenance?

My email notification says it’s beginning flush but I am no where near ready to flush. So, are nutes not dispensing now?


If you are in flush stage, my assumption would be no nutes are dispensed.

If you still need nutes, I would move your schedule back one week, and get to the stage before flush.

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My schedule is not in flush, it is in Late Veg.

Email notification do not match up if you change your schedule for any reason, so if you had to add more days for recovery, topping, training etc… the email notifications will be off.
The flush time has no nutes but its not governed by the email notifications, just the grow schedule.
Hope this helps!


Hey @omacoder,

@Bplatinum9 has it 100% correct. There is a known bug where shifting your schedule will mess up your notifications.

In general, notifications are currently time based. Big changes coming here in the coming year that I’m excited about.



Excellent. So, which schedule is the nute dispenser following? The time based or my schedule?

Ok so if you look at the shift schedule it will always be in flush (when the nutes stop) So no matter how you change the schedule the grobo won’t activate no nutes until its in flush stage.

Stage Day Total
1 : Germination 10 10
2 : Early Vegetation 14 14
3 : Late Vegetation 1 14
4 : Transition 0 14
5 : Flower 0 38
6 : Flush 0 10

This feature will allow you to have more control over your schedule. You can:

PREVIOUS: Go back 1 stage, with 7 days remaining

EXTEND: Add 7 days to your current stage

NEXT: Move forward to day 1 of the next stage


Hopefully this means we will be getting some
Much needed software improvements.

It has been months since we have had a meaningful software update.

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Right but there’s two schedules that Grobo is maintaining. The one you show in the chart and the one that sends the weekly updates. Which just told me nutes will stop.

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Hey, grower. I got the same message saying I was in flush stage and that nutes will stop being dispensed. But I’m in transition stage because I had to make several extensions. I checked the system during a water change and noticed that a nute had kicked in. A couple of days later, the levels on all bottles appeared to have lowered. This means that the system follows the stage your grow is in and dispenses nutes accordingly, and disregards the messaging schedule. The same thing goes for lighting. Messages seem to follow their own schedule and are more for general information. Hope this puts you more at ease


Yes… Got it!! Thank goodness. Good call on watching the levels in the bottles. I can mark them for next drain to just be certain!! Would hate if she’s missing out on her food!! :grin:

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Yes your right and you can read ahead where I explained that the weekly notifications will be off if you add any time to your schedule. Please check prior posts.

Your plant will never miss out on food unless there is something wrong with the feeding hose.
The flush stage is the only stage that stops nutes so it can flush everything out of your plant for final taste.


Thanks!! Got it! Was just worried that the system told me I was in flush stage. But Stephen confirmed this is a defect/half implemented enhancement :slight_smile: