Notifications are Live!

Hi Growers,

I’m super excited to announce that we have updated the app with over 80 separate educational notifications. You will receive an overview each week of what to expect, plus tips and tricks to utilize along your grow journey. They will seamlessly integrate into your current grow recipe, so don’t be surprised when you get one!

This batch of notifications covers all of our regular and feminized cannabis recipes. Auto cannabis recipes and all non cannabis recipe notifications are also in the works. (Anticipated rollout end of August) Please let me know if you find any typos, anything that may be confusing or think I’ve missed something.

One pumped up Horticulturist,



Awesome @Stephen looking forward to the enhancements


@Stephen Nothing better then a growers and horticulturist geeking out, lol.
This is great step forward, growers will feel more in-tune. I’ll be happy to point out graphic glitches etc. (PS, I’m not the grammar police)

I’m happy with the Grobo product and support so far and I’m journaling my grow publicly in a IOS app called “BUD” thanks to @rainstorm3 pointing it out. With that being said lots of followers watching the grow so I’m giving Grobo a fair and balanced review on this grow and will be highlighting the new notifications on the daily grow updates! Fellow growers on the app will be happy to see the updates!



Wish I could be as open about growing @Azuri . Some friends and my job really are not the right generation. Too much propaganda. At least my clients get it lol.

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I hear you. I’m fortunate to be retired so I don’t have to give a :poop: what I say to who, lol. I was in management position prior to retirement where I had to watch my P’s and Q’s.

The nice thing about the Bud app is you can journalize your grow privately as well. Now knowing that Grobo is going to incorporate logs down the road is amazing but this is good solution until then. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The Bud app is really ridged so I look forward to the Grobo intergration.


Sweet. I’ll stick to ag for now. My clients are all mostly pro cannabis as its come up at work as “issues” in the past. Unique clientele I guess. I am just happy to see products that are Canadian and made in a way to benefit the avg person. Cannabis will have a dramatic impact on the lives of everyone and hopefully help reduce the opioid epidemic