Notification when my bottles are empty

Read the subject line, that’s what I’d like to see!

To be fair, maybe it already DOES do this and I missed it… but I think it would be great to get a notification when one of my nutes are low or empty. I was away from my grow for a few weeks and sadly, my poor little girl went hungry for about 7 days. Had I gotten (Or read) a notification that one of my bottles was empty I’d have made a plan to get it replaced.

Yes, I know… I should have been monitoring it more on my end, but still… a notification would be nice. :slight_smile:


So here is the thing with that. The only way for that to happen would be for the bottles to have a little float inside with a sensor to determine if they are low.

Which bottle went dry on you?


No 3.

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That’s sucks! I hope your beloved plant is alright.

I think she’ll survive. Might have a few scars, but she’ll live!



My suggestion for now is to replace all (Low) Bottles with full ones before you go on a trip…

((#Genius))… :wink:


Well, yea!


I think you wouldn’t need a float. There is already an algorithm in the system for when the plant is missing a nutrient to add more. Perhaps if it notices that after it sent the command to increase a nutrient and it didn’t change the water nutrient to what it expects, it then sends out a notification that something is amiss with the bottles or the sensor.

I’m likely over simplifying this, but that is what my monkey brain thinks. No banana, hit button, banana.


the unit isn’t as smart as you think. when you do a water change it doses a pre determined amount of nutrients a few minutes after. it doesn’t constantly adjust nutrient levels. it wont dose any nutrients again till after the next water change. only the ph is constantly adjusted.

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