Note about H2O2 products

Many of you know that H2O2 dissipates within 24 hours after it’s done it’s job in the reservoir or whatever task you’ve put it to; cleaning roots, etc.

I just wanted to post a reminder to always screw the lids back on tightly on all of your peroxide products, at any percentage or volume. If left to oxidize, peroxide on it’s own will turn into water and become completely useless. So if you spend money on a bottle of something like zertol hc and don’t screw the lid back on tightly and air is getting inside, it’s going to lose it’s efficacy.

Anyway, just an FYI that I thought I would share as a hairstylist - I’ve had people borrow my peroxide and then go to mix it and use it for color only to find it useless because they didn’t put the cap back on correctly. :angry: