Northern lights now in flowering stage

Now that I’m in flowering stage 4 days in, my plant seems to be drinking a lot of water. Since I haven’t had a reservoir change notice, if I top up the water with the fill feature how do I compensate for the dilution in nutrients?

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You don’t, the grobo does. It’s all automated. Once you add more water it doesn’t add more nutes for the week just the basic (#1) and acidic (#2) where needed. I’m using r.o. water so it just gives a little shot of basic when I do top ups. Also I top mine up twice a week. I don’t check the lid as I don’t want to expose my roots to light so I just fill a pitcher of water and stick the hose in and hit fill, Sometimes she drank a lot some times not so much but I always do it every two days after a water change twice a week. Mines been drinking close to a full pitcher, prob close to 2 liters, every two days recently



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