Northern Lights Auto Flower stage day 16 of 23

Hello everyone. I’m currently on day 16 of 23 flower stage. She’s growing and growing. I opted not to defoliate her because I’ve done it several times prior to and don’t want to interrupt her growth. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks


Definitely needs probably at least a month if not more. Buds are not even developed yet!

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I’m going to let her finish flower stage and once she gets there, restart flower stage again. Hopefully she will be ready by then.

And this is why autos are not an ideal choice to cut growing corners. Imho.

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I hear you. This is my first grow. I’m totally green and learning as I go literally. She looks good for the most part though. The bud sites are there, but no buds yet. I hope by me restarting flower stage at end, buds will grow and be ready. Hoping for the best. Thanks for your input.

Autos do their own thing. Light changes shouldnt make a difference just time.

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Should I defoliate? Or leave it alone? She seems a tad bushy again? The top leaves blocking the light to the bottom bud sites. She’s an auto though so kind of undecided. What do you think?

Snag out a few of the largest fan leaves only


Yep, I did that and accidentally cut one of the flowers as I was trying to go around them. Ugh! My heart almost stopped. Anyhow, she should hopefully bounce back. All the others are fine. I’m leaving her alone after this. Thanks again for your input.

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She bounced back. Here’s the latest pics from today. She’s looking good so far. Let me know what you guys think. I appreciate all the feedback.


Looks good :slight_smile: Good job. How many days left in the schedule in flowering?

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She’s currently on day 18 of 23. I’m going to extend her once she’s currently done.

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Go ahead and extend her now. She needs the time for sure.

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Flowering stage day 25 of 30. She’s coming along as I’m patiently waiting. I had to extend her due to buds not developing yet. Here are the latest pics…


Looks healthy and happy. You’ll have to extend a few more times, shes a full month away for sure :slight_smile:


Day 45 flower stage 31 of 37. She was super bushy. I defoliated her just a tad to allow light to get to those lower bud sites. Buds still not developed, but plenty of pistils. I don’t plan on defoliating much anymore. I’ll just keep extending flower stage as she’s about 3 weeks away I would say. I guess it’s all about being patient at this stage. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Day 53, Flower stage day 39 of 44. Maybe I’m impatient, frustrated or discouraged, but I just keep on extending on current flower mode, yet still no bud development. The pistils are there and she’s bushy. The bud sites are there, but no bud yet. This is my first grow and probably last time I do auto seeds in grobo. I’m under the impression that grobo isn’t meant for autos. My current grow is Northern Lights auto by growers choice. My nutrients ran low. It’s a good thing I ordered replacement but my number 4 replacement is being really used. I’ve been using cal mag for brown spots for a while now and did probe check a while ago. Everything is good, yet brown spots still there. I guess that’s a common thing with grobo from what I’m hearing. My air pump went bad and had to replace it with external already on my first grow, smh! This has been a real learning and humbling experience I must say. Here are my pics below. I hope to get to harvest eventually, but at this point just seems so far away. Trying to be positive and patient.



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