Normal, Trim, F@&%?

Ok, first time Grobo and new grower.

I have my first plant in and the largest, lowest, first five point leaves are showing red dots. Not bugs or anything like that. Leaves are slightly dry and leathery to touch, but not brittle.

Should I trim them? I am questioning due to the size and likelihood they are pulling in a lot of the light for the plant right now. The stalks are strong and good sized.

Is this a normal thing? First time doing Bubba Gift Feminized, maybe strain because there doesn’t seem to be any other distresses. But, that doesn’t seem right as I am thinking maybe a nutrient issue… but don’t know for sure.

Ahhhh Sh1T… your plant is burnt and done? I don’t think this the case as none of the new growth or upper leaves are showing the signs, so I don’t think it this drastic.

Thoughts? The only other things in the mix from the Generic Indica Recipe is hydroguard and CO2 enhancer.


Any photos of your bottle nutrients levels and the base of your plant?



Well I am a new grower as well so all welcome to chime in, but I would say to push your pod up so its not in the water, on the top side it would stick up more. my rookie first guess is its too wet. Then I see your first bottle is empty? NVM I am seeing a reflection on the photo… I think its dampening, and I would lift the pod so just the roots touch and put a small fan in there to move air around to dry it out a little bit. It happened on mine but it wasn’t as big as yours.


CM1266 is 100% correct the plant is suffering from damp off… You need to dry out that coco pod… Get a fan blowing on that bottom stem


Push up the coco pod carefully and add fans pointing to the pod it’ll dry up and she’ll get back to normal if we caught on time @KizzMyAnthia





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