Non grobo grown plants

I have a few going as well. As mentioned the freedom strain from Dana Larson and a high CBD one unknown


Nice how do those cbd strains smoke ? Like what’s the effect ? I’ve heard about them but never had a chance to try them

I dunno chris. I had 2 in pots and 2 in the garden. Due to snow I had to pull them all and put them inside. They now have some kind of pest problem. If I can find some lady bugs soon and they recover they are about 6 to 7 weeks old and key word LOOK like they’re doing well. I’ll let you know in another couple months!

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I don’t know where you live but you can find lady bugs at the local pet store … also try this stuff


Thanks for sharing
I’ve never seen bugs for sale here but will check. I’d rather collect em for free lol. It just might be too cold now.
The bugs are a tan colour and super small like pin head size walking up the plant. They dont move much and plant doesn’t seem to notice but nonetheless I may go grab that

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Yea it’s not too expensive I haven’t used it on grobo plants but I saved some outdoor plants with it and it has neem oil as well

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Let me clarify chris. My grobo is 100% good. I rarely check on it or dig around in it in work clothes. I have a couple out of grobo grows as I learn more about growing trying different things all at once. The plants in question are in pots with sunlight.

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Def I understood what you meant. I was just saying I haven’t used that spray on any of the plants that have been in the grobo but I have saved other outdoor plants with that spray … lol so basically we saying the same thing :joy::money_mouth_face:

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Cool I misunderstood. I cut off 3 leaves that seemed to have them all clumped together. I’ll still grab the spray but I’m thinking one if them is maybe a Male unless the white parts are brown too?. So he might just get tossed