Noise levels

Grobo seems loud I measured the decibels at 60 from 8ft away, anybody else have this issue?


You can read up on this on these posts… :thinking:

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Have you confirmed if the unit structurally was possibly bent of shifted during shipment to you?

I had a similar situation where upon arrival it was quite loud. I had to make some physical adjustments by slightly giving the unit from the top a twist and it seems to have helped created the original shape for a short period, maybe half a day to a day a best.

Not saying this is what you’re experiencing, but just to give you an idea of what I’m facing myself.

Keep up posted if you develop any remedies or solutions to muffle the sounds!

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I had the same issue as @Rich, just had to “physically bend” the top of the unit or rotate to where the top wood piece sits flat on all sides. Once I did this my door also lined up where it should be. Should help with the aerator, fans, carbon filter sounds and possible more noise coming from sides of unit due to bending from shipping. Hope that helps!