No tap root after 5 days

First off I just wanted to say hi .I am new to the forum and new to growing.just looking to learn and to have some fun . Now to my first question I have a seed in the coco pod for about 5 days now and nothing should I be concerned or am I over reacting ?


Could take a couple more days, did you stuff the hole after putting the seed in? I would just take it out and see if there’s any action and put it back in gently and not too tight. Coco pod still moist?

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I personally wouldn’t take it out. Sometimes the tap root can take 10 to 14 days to show up. That’s ok


I did stuff the hole not to tight what you guys think about waiting a few days and then see if I could take it out gently and see what’s going on

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Yeah I didn’t mean take the whole coco pod out, I hope that’s not what was taken from what I said. I just didn’t see action for a couple of days on mine so just took a couple peeks in the little hole where I stuffed the piece of coco pod on top, can’t hurt



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