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I’ve had germination issues with the Grobo. I was drowning seeds as the cocopod was in the water. I literally moved the pod up over an inch. I killed 3 seeds before I figured out it was the Grobo, even tho I had it set up exactly as it was supposed to be.
I think that I’ve figured out the sweet spot now on my machine and it requires the pod to sit about an inch above the line, keeping a barrier between the water line and the cocopod. Then I will monitor the dampness and spray the cocopod with Great White (a great product for germination) diluted with RO water.

The other thing I’ve done is germinate the seed in the cocopod outside of the grobo using a sandwich bag to keep in moisture


Hi dude :wink:
I’m beginning to think along the same lines m8 :roll_eyes:!
Looks like she started fine then drowned :exploding_head:!
Hopefully my freebies turn up Monday & ill start AGAIN :flushed:!!!..

So your saying leave about 10mm sticking above the plate From Start & Still move up further if needed at Tap-root touch down time :thinking:??

We shall fight em on the beaches" n all that :uk: :rofl:

For what its worth I think these Coco Pods might need a rethink in the design department

Thank f#@% for the Edit" :rofl:

Cant quite make out the pot your using m8 :thinking::wink:

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:rofl: Yeah. I’d fill the grobo, remove the coco pod, get a measuring tape and measure the distance from the top of the lid to the water. The Pod should hover over the water or just barely touch until the tap root is established.

I prefer to germinate in ziplock baggies and then transfer over. 100% rate. Just keep the pod damp.


Great info m8 thanks :wink:

So the basket fits perfectly into the bottom tray yeah & i can germinate in the pod as normal
It will allow me better inspection of the grow even if I don’t do the Jiffy Trick straight away :wink:!.. Still a newbie…

& don’t I know it :flushed:!:rofl:!



Not sure if the basket will fit into the Grobo itself, I don’t think it will, but it might. Can’t test that right now as I’m at the end of a grow, but that’s a great idea. I just use them to hold the cocopods until ready to transfer - they mimic the opening of the Grobo very well.

They also fit perfectly into these:



:wink:!:rofl:! Awesome :metal:


@Gmann don’t forget the ol’ germinating in a glass of water or in damp paper towels, too. That method has worked for others in the past :wink:

@Centervillain good idea though, I really like the idea of germinating in a pod outside the Grobo. Luckily, I have the Grobo Start on it’s way before my next grow, but that woulda been really cool to try.


All that’s fine n all & very Old School :metal::wink: but aren’t we supposed to be talking about the most certificated growing machine ever made :flushed:
Or am I missing something :thinking:!:rofl:!:uk:!..

Not clear from pic but there’s like a fine Mist/fibers or one could say mould around the shoot :roll_eyes::thinking:
Really think she’s a gonna :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!
I’ll leave till seeds arrive as previous :wink::metal:

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  • (Could We Be Seeing This Seed [:eyes:] Sprouting UpsideDown [:upside_down_face:]):? :question:


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It’s happened to me. I flipped it and it grew…?