No power

Just tried to set up my grobo for the first time. Plugged in the power supply but nothing is happening. Did I miss a step in the setup process?

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Ask for a new power bar. I had the same issue. Just email

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Thank you but the power supply light is on and I tested with volt meter and getting 24V.

Yeah I had some power on like for wifi but not the lights or fans or pumps. But the power bar looked like it was working. Somehow it got damaged in shipping

Ok bummer. But thank you!

Thank-You for Sharing… Let us know how your outcome comes out with the SupportTeam… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Hi @Jchernandez,

I’m so sorry to hear you are unable to setup and start growing right away. That has to be the most frustrating thing ever! I overheard you speaking to support this morning, so we will get a replacement out to you asap.

Welcome aboard,

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Hey guys,

So I was disassembling my Grobo to move it to a warmer location in my home (live in Michigan). When I unplugged the power supply (silver part that connects to the Grobo) it separated very easily from its wire and stayed in the machine! My Grobo currently is powerless and need help ASAP. Are there any remedies until we send a new cord my way? Or what would be a suitable replacement that I can buy in the states. Please help! Wasnt sure where to put this in topics. Already sent a support ticket out.

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Hey @Hainesjr1

Reach out via ticket they can have another power bar out to you quickly, tricky thing is weekend is coming up so getting one by tomorrow might present a challenge.



Sorry to hear about this… Hope they get you up and running ASAP… :scream::worried:

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Update: Jason was fantastic and shipped out my power supply today. Hopefully it comes soon! Always appreciative of the Grobo staff and forums!