No Power due to snow/ice storm?

Happy Valentines Day Growers,
so i am in day 66 of flowering and it looks like we may be without power due to snow/ice storm, any suggestions on what to do about not having power for couple days or more ?
do i change the water a day early ? tomorrow is normal day for that
do i leave unit as is or do i need to not close door shut completely in case need to open door when power out for air flow ?
these are just some questions that i am thinking of, along with all other essentials i am getting ready for the family and etc,
any suggestions is much appreciated and thanks !


Well your best option would be to hook up the Grobo to a UPS. I use and like CyberPower. This should give you clean power to your unit as well as a backup battery. It can provide power for about 30 minutes. The next step would be to connect a gas powered generator to your house electrical circuit.

Alternatively, you can get an auto cross-over generator that has a direct connection to a natural gas line and automatically powers on if the power goes out.

The plant needs light, air circulation, and oxygen bubbles. You might be able to find a USB powered air pump + stone, light?, and fans. Then you can connect those to a USB power bank. That might help save the grow if there was a power failure.


Sorry your in the dark!
I would suggest leaving the door open and finding a way to power some type of light to shine on it temporarily!
If you had a spare air pump you could power it to run a air stone without plugging in the whole system for now because it would be harder to sustain that much power!
If you can’t run your air stone just wait to drain and fill.
I invested in power packs but a portable generator would be better!


My parents have this and they love it. They can even turn it on remotely via an app :rofl:


I have a whole House standby generator with auto transfer switch… But I still have my Grobo on a UPS so it doesn’t shutdown until the generator kicks in.


What brand generator did you go with? :eyes::seedling:

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20 kw Kohler


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thanks for all the replies growers, looks like we will be buying a generator and be ready for the next power outage


Hope everything is well on your side

There isn’t a day at goes by that makes me regret my purchase for my generator!!