No more time

Hello Im looking to sale my Grobo I have ran out of time in order to process my grows due to having to go back to the office. would any one like to purchase my used machine?

Where are you located?

I am located in Texas

Hello im Located in Texas

Personally I mostly only interact with my Grobo on weekends. To me that’s the main advantage of owning the unit.

I was doing that as well but started getting mold on my PODS

How much and are you willing to ship it?

That’s Normal To An Extent, A Little Mold On The Pod Happens

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I think shipping is around $300-400ish unless you get good discounts or live close. I got a UPS quote one time of $440 to ship to me on the east coast from out west.

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Oh ok thanks!

hmmm if thats the cause then i would sale for around 2000$+shipping cause i have some extra’s with it.