No gasket on the lower water level sensor

So, what do you think happens when there is no gasket…water everywhere! 2 grand and unit is worthless and water damage.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully Grobo will take care of your situation ASAP.

Again, sorry to hear it. Tagged the support team/company leadership in your other post. I hope they take great care in handling this matter.


What it Up SDub!!
I wonder if it’s just me reading comments and complaints but I’ve noticed a lot more complaints within the last two weeks and prior to that was the fellow from Seedo who came on The forum I wonder if these are plants no pun intended


I so wanted this to work out. If it did was going to get at least 1 more. But do I ever feel burned.

Customer Service helped out (prompt and polite got to give credit to that) and shipped me a new unit, however when I started my grow with the new unit, I think the pump may not be working should I not see bubbles and water circulating…I saw that with the first one, someone please tell me what am I suppose to see.

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Glad to hear they got you squared away. Have you started a recipe? You must start one in order for the aerator to power up. That said, I recommended ordering an external pump and using it instead, you can plug it straight into the air tube attached to the existing grobo air stone. Here is a link to a great option:

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump, 1 Outlet, 2W, 3.2 L/min


I did start a grow, and with help from the forum a power cycle got the pump started, and thanks for the pro tip, I’ll be looking into that. I will say again customer service was very prompt (on my gasket issue) and was very happy with that.