Newbie question about fan leaves

Hey all, new guy here on my first ever grow. Iโ€™m working in a single 5 gallon bucket dwc system. My question isโ€ฆ
I fumbled a bit in the beginning and my seedling was growing in high ph water (7.5) and some damage has been done to the original fan leaves. Curling up and spotting yellow, I cut the first two sets off. Iโ€™ve been running a tight ship with a watchful eye ever since and have ph levels and ppm where she needs them to be. All her new growth is beautiful and healthy. I have another pair Iโ€™m debating taking off now but I donโ€™t want to if it isnโ€™t beneficial overall. I feel like the new growth under would greatly appreciate the more direct light on them. Here is a pic of her today, day 34 from seed. Thoughts? Thanks!


Lots of other factors at play. I donโ€™t see a fan in there, or a hygrometer. Do you know the temp and rh of the area the plant is in? You keeping ph at 5.7? What is the temp of the water in bucket? What kind of nutes are you running?


Hello! I could only upload one picture in my first post so I just picked the closer one lol. The room is low 70โ€™s with humidity between 60-65% I have had a fan on her from the very beginning as well. Ph this morning is at 5.8 and ppm between 350-400. Currently only using a cheaper led light but am about to purchase a better one very soon :slight_smile:
Oh and Iโ€™m currently using botanicare cal/mag and flora nova from GH.

Ok, Iโ€™d bump up both temp and rh. Get hydroguard or a similar product to combat root rot just in case your bucket water gots too warm. It should be at 64/64 degrees F so as to prevent pithium (root rot) from starting to develop. Plus the colder water promotes healthier root system development :+1::v:

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So in regards to removing the original fan leaves that are damaged, do you see any reason to leave these things attached at this point?


No, strip em. Then the plant can focus on new growth :+1::v:


Ya cut those energy suckers off and she will show you how much she appreciates it. Keep us posted on your progress.


Cut off those fan leaves and raise the temps

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