Newbie here

I’m into day 4 of flush and the tricomes are 70% cloudy & 30% amber. Should I finish the flush or harvest now?


If you’re sure on the trichs, and that’s what you’re looking for, you can harvest now. Just make sure to dry at a good humidity (62%-ish). Flush is really a preference for some and not 100% necessary. From the looks of the leaves…you’re going to want to cure for at least 30 days though.


I would still flush personally, at minimum for 5 days. After you have moved into flush (whether manually or automatically) then do a drain and fill. Let her pillage her leaves. @FireGuy is right, she will require at least 30 days curing if not 60.


I agree with you @Todd.grobo, shoot for 60 but 30 at minimum.

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Ok, Thanks for the information


Also, depending on what you are wanting to do with your harvest…if you want to do straight edibles there’s always water curing. If you want to smoke, vape, press etc…I don’t recommend it.