Newbie - First Grobo and first grow ever!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Fairfield County Connecticut, is currently home for me. I am brand new to Grobo and brand new to growing. I am looking forward to this new hobby and expanding my knowledge; I am an IT sales engineer, so, the Grobo is a nice mix of “geek” and analog. Right now, I have a Grobo Premium, but, also just ordered a Grobo Start to try when I kick off my second grow.


Welcome to the fun! @420Bandit,
Allgrowers has got you covered!
Reading allgrowers post is the best way to gather information quickly as long as you remember everyone has their own way of doing things and you like to experiment.
We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have and are very excited to grow with you! :eyes::seedling:


Your off to a great start… enjoy the ride.


Thank you!

Right on! A fellow NE’er!

I just harvested my first ever grow. Went pretty well! Started on number 2 10 days ago!


Thank you

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Thank you! Exciting and only day 8.

Great to hear! Only day 8 on my first grow but so far so good.