New Video! Street Weed vs Grobo Weed : Trichome Edition

Hey Growers!

Ever wonder if your weed matches up to what you find on the street? Join me as I explore 4 different strains under the digital microscope.

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AWESOME! Dude, totally night and day there! @Stephen even more pumped to harvest my first plant <3!

I will comment from a MMJ standpoint… our harvested buds pass a lot of hands just within the facility, and I can only imagine how many trichomes are actually knocked off by the time it ends up in the hands of the patients.


I’ve noticed this issue of trich heads being missing or ruptured on black market and retail cannabis. Like @pyromancy and @Stephen were saying it is most likely due to all of the handling. Maybe even due to the automated trimmer machines and all the jostling of the buds. Some of the stuff I get looks like it was vacuum sealed or compressed which further degrades the trich heads.

And the conclusion that most of us have reached, is to take control of the cannabis sourcing and produce a healthy, quality product ourselves with the help of Grobo!


Explains why my cannabis always looked better. What scope did you use to take photos. Mine is more zoomed in and without stabilization is hard to see and cant take photos from it.

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@miami5th machine trimmers DEFINITELY lose a lot of trichomes. When we’re dealing with on average of 700 plants per room, with sometimes 3 rooms harvested in one day (2100 plants on a triple harvest day), there’s no feasible way to de-leaf all of those plants without them…

P.S. The trichomes aren’t lost for us, we use them for extraction >< I can end up anywhere from a 5lb to 10lb bag of kief/sugar leaves from a single strain… 350 plants per strain, but a lot of the larfier buds are sent straight to extraction, so I’m talking only the “premium” quality nugs and thats how much we end up with after machining.


Hey @Todd.grobo,

Used this one. Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope | Celestron



Thank you Stephen

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