New Update System No Longer Works [RESOLVED]

So I get one look at my build and shipping status and now the system is down. If 2017 was the year of eroding confidence, what should I expect in 2018?

Also, Did any non beta units ship in 2017? I would expect by now to see at least one lucky customer shouting from the roof tops that they have a shipping confirmation. So what gives? I am sure those nasty old holidays are to blame, aren’t they?

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@Captain_Blaze I noticed this too yesterday when I went to track my unit.

@bjorn can you give us some insight here as to what might be taking place with the website? I know a lot of folks were excited about the tracking site

Can you also touch upon the first round of orders that were scheduled to go out last week?


Same here. Can’t track my unit anymore. Links just redirect to the same page. Hoping it’s a quick fix… although… it has kept me from neurotically checking my status page over and over again.

Happy New Year everyone!

Our apologies for the issues but the page has now been fixed. Just before New Years we marked the first units as shipped and a small bug stopped the other orders from showing correctly.

Everything should be running correctly now! The first units went out at the end of last week so we expect customers to begin receiving them over the next few days. We will share photos as soon as we can get them.


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My Grobo has been updated: In Manufacturing :seedling:

The finish line is approaching folks!

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