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Hi everyone,

It is so nice to have all this technology to grow pot. The last time I did it was in CA and I was in college, about 40 years ago. Hide my plants among tomato plants. Everything went okay but I sure was nervous at the end of the season. More about getting ripped off than the police. They grew pretty tall too and the tomatoes were drying up. My wife at the time got more paranoid than me as she was an RN.

So, I’m excited about this and have already ordered my seeds. I opted for feminized and some with high THC and high CBD. I use CBD for my knees and arthritis, so I figured it may help act on all my endocannabinoid receptors. Hoping everything works out well. I am a farmer now after retiring as a chemist from the pharma R&D business, so I think the program looks scientifically based.

Looking forward to guidelines from the is group.



Welcome to the AG community @egval ! There’s an abundance of knowledge and experience here in the forums so be sure to spend some time reading up. Additionally, the search feature is great at locating specific items of interest.

Were you going to be growing in a Grobo or tent or outside? I have 2 Grobo Premiums and 3 (4th almost done) successful harvests so far. Very pleased with the Grobo devices, the support, and the community here!


Welcome aboard @egval,
Happy to have you with us at allgrowers!
Let us know if we can be of help! Good luck and have fun! :eyes::seedling:


Thanks @miami5th ! I will be using a Grobo. Just amazed at the technology, sure a lot different from my twenties. Yes, I plan on reading a lot of advice here. Congrats on your green thumb!!



Thanks @Bplatinum9 ! I am scheduled to get my Grobo this Thursday and have prepared a spot for it. I also ordered seeds from ILGM with crossed fingers. I followed the advice about sending cash so that one reason I a bit apprehensive. The other is will I get the merchandise. Oh well, that’s life. Peace to you!



Hey @egval,

Welcome to the group/community! Excited for you to begin another new journey. Let us know if you have any questions or issues and we will do our best to assist. ILGM should be fine, I’ve not heard any complaints.

Good luck with your 1st Grobo grow,



Hey Ernie,

(“I followed the advice about sending cash so that one reason I a bit apprehensive.” )

Ive never used ILGM before but if stephen trust them you should be in good hands!
I use seedsman but ive never sent cash! I guess we will have to cross our toes and see what happens! :eyes::seedling:


Welcome to the community @egval I just also joined and on my first grow right now. I got my seeds from ILGM and I did it via ACH with my bank account details and it was fine, I just ordered some more and used my credit card but haven’t received them yet. Good luck and this group is super helpful!


Welcome aboard :+1::+1:

We are here to help


Welcome to the club


Hi everyone, just a reply to getting seeds at ILGM. While there was a little issue about receiving the cash, they graciously sent the seeds to me. I think that the use of a MO or ACH is probably the best thing for both customers and businesses.

I’m starting to find that Bitcoin, even though it’s an investment is the best way to purchase seeds.

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