New skywalker grow


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ok soooo day 10, still NO GROWTH!! I went and checked the coco pod and it was soaked through and through I looked for the seed inside, couldn’t find it anywhere at all even through gentle, non invasive coco surgery. I wrung out the coco pod and had another skywalker og seed that HAD germinated in a shot glass of water and tap root had grown a few mm so I plucked it in the coco root down w some tweezers.

Now my question for any one that may see this; is it better to just extend the germ cycle by 7 days, or scrap the grow and start a new one???

It’s the same exact batch of seeds, have not done a drain/fill since the first attempt to start a seed 10 days ago.

Scrap and start new. You don’t want to hit early veg and start dosing while your plant is still too young and unable to handle it.

Thanks man!

Should I drain and then re fill or no real point since there shouldn’t be any nutrients rn anyway?? It tried to get me to do a fill but there was already water in my tank xD

I’d start fresh. Doesn’t hurt to replace the water.

I haven’t had a chance to yet… but guys look!! I opened GROBO today, and I know I’m prematurely excited as fuck here but after 10 days of nothing, I restart, and a day later to see THIS!!!

She showin’!

Distilled water or R.O is in my near to immediate future, I will have much more time after the weekend is over.

Thank you guys for your support and looking after me in my time of worry :laughing:


Congrats man! I just terminated my grow but will be starting new tomorrow!


Life is emerging! So exciting!


Bruhhhh she’s like 2 inches tall I’m screaming!!! By next week she’s gonna start growing some real leaves :star_struck:


Oh yeah! That’s what I’m taking about :sunglasses:


Got baby girl “Christmas” some R.O water for her drain and fill yesterday, here’s day 5’s glamour shot!


Day… I can’t remember XD will post an updated picture tonight.

Right now I’m on the last day of early veg she’s much floofier looking!

Was like a week and a half?? Ago XD

Edit sheesh lookin at that picture she was SO MUCH SMALLER last week wtf!! She is nearing 5 inches tall and has a few branches starting out and a ton more foliage now.

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Day 24!!! Beautiful


This was from day 32/33 before and after her hair cut…and a little stress training.


Big haircut! Howd she take the training?

“It’s only hair, it’ll grow back”

Lol I’d say she’s taking it like a champ, I was worried because I did a lot, (probably too much in a small period of time,) stress training and trimmed so I added another week to late veg but I think I’m gonna pull her out and send her into transition.



Oh hell yeah, she’s looking awesome!

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Thanks man, she fluffed back out so fast it’s crazy. Also it’s so much fun to stress her little branches and watch them prop themselves back up naturally!

Gonna get some wires in here real soon to help keep her branches where I want them…sometime eventually before she goes into flower xD

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