New skywalker grow

I’m sure this has been posted before but I was just wondering. I just got my grobo solid set up and I’m about to plant my skywalker seed from ILGM, (just finished going through all the set up instructions,) is it okay to use the skywalker recipe that was automatically in the app even though it is from a different grower’s seed, or is that going to mess me up somewhere along the lines? Also hi guys!

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Hey @ChopJ!

Go ahead and submit a support ticket and ask the Grobo team which recipe they feel you should use. They may end up telling you to use the generic Indica recipe instead.


Welcome @ChopJ, what :point_up_2:t2: said. I did the same with my Super Skunk but they had me use one of the other Super Skunk recipes. Never hurts to ask support or this forum before doing something. Happy growing!


Hey all, I got curious so I went to check on my skywalker seedling. How is the water level looking and is my coco pod sitting right? Seed is still in seed form (not sure if it’s popped or not- only day 3 of germ.) the top of the coco pod is damp not wet but the bottom is sitting in the water so it’s soaked.

Just wanted to make sure everything is good right off the bat- I tried to get a grow going about a year ago (before grobo ownership,) and lost about 30 bag seeds to root rot/damping off…so I’m a tiny bit nervous.

I read that the coco pod should be flush with the reservoir cover, is that true for everyone or does it vary by model?

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From my personal experience…push pod down so it’s flush. DO NOT drain/fill on day 7. Wait until day 14. I had to push my pod up because the top was too wet, but will be pushing down on next drain/fill due to lower water level. Hope this helps.

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So I have read, it’s okay that the bottom is soaked though right?? Also thank you for replying FG!!

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Bottom being wet = :+1:
Top being wet = dampening off

The top should be slightly damp or dry but not soaked.


Thanks man!!! Did you start from seed?? I read it could take up to 14 days for a seed to pop without germinating it first. I didn’t wanna fuck it up so I just threw it in there balls to the walls lol I didn’t put it in a cup of water or anything first. Next grow I probably will try popping the seed first.

I started from seed, but germinated outside Grobo. I like to know the seed has popped before playing the waiting game.


Lol I feel you on that 100%

We’ll see what happens in 4 more days… XD

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My girl at 13 day germ outside of Grobo.


Beautiful! Nice and green lol just the way it should be. I moved the little piece of coco I had covering the seed to try and see if I could see anything earlier but I couldn’t even see the seed at all hahaha :eyes:


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ok soooo day 10, still NO GROWTH!! I went and checked the coco pod and it was soaked through and through I looked for the seed inside, couldn’t find it anywhere at all even through gentle, non invasive coco surgery. I wrung out the coco pod and had another skywalker og seed that HAD germinated in a shot glass of water and tap root had grown a few mm so I plucked it in the coco root down w some tweezers.

Now my question for any one that may see this; is it better to just extend the germ cycle by 7 days, or scrap the grow and start a new one???

It’s the same exact batch of seeds, have not done a drain/fill since the first attempt to start a seed 10 days ago.

Scrap and start new. You don’t want to hit early veg and start dosing while your plant is still too young and unable to handle it.

Thanks man!

Should I drain and then re fill or no real point since there shouldn’t be any nutrients rn anyway?? It tried to get me to do a fill but there was already water in my tank xD

I’d start fresh. Doesn’t hurt to replace the water.

I haven’t had a chance to yet… but guys look!! I opened GROBO today, and I know I’m prematurely excited as fuck here but after 10 days of nothing, I restart, and a day later to see THIS!!!

She showin’!

Distilled water or R.O is in my near to immediate future, I will have much more time after the weekend is over.

Thank you guys for your support and looking after me in my time of worry :laughing:


Congrats man! I just terminated my grow but will be starting new tomorrow!


Life is emerging! So exciting!