🚨 New Products Alert! 🚨

Hey growers!

We are SUPER excited to announce the launch of a bunch of new products! They’ll all begin shipping within the next few weeks.

Water Chiller - This rod chiller is super quiet and easy to use. It will keep your tank cool and your roots happy.

Grobo Fresh - Keep your house smelling Fresh!

Trimming Trays - Make harvesting easy and catch those trichomes.

Reverse Osmosis System - For years we’ve recommended using RO water… and now we have the system to make it for you!

CO2 Meter - Keep an eye on the CO2 levels of your grow to boost those yields.

We have a ton of updates in store over the next few months as we work to Make Growing Easy.

Happy growing,


Thank you, @bjorn! Do you know when the start light extensions will be back in stock for US customers?

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Great question - it should be live within 2 weeks! We have them in our warehouse now and are shipping them to our fulfillment center today. It often takes 1-2 weeks for them to show up in stock.


Any other information on the water chiller? Can it take an 86F res down to 50F? Really just looking for actual temp drops that have been tested and a little more information on the actual operation. How it does what it does.