New member, introduction and request for some general advice

Good advice there @Aang! To add, it may not be 100% necessary to calibrate the pH and EC probes as this is a new unit and it should have been calibrated from the factory. Both my recent Grobo units came with probes pre-calibrated. However, it is a good idea to clean and calibrate your probes every 3-4 months, definitely before each grow after your first one.

I would also recommend a humidifier. TaoTronics makes a nice smart humidifier. We use the humidifier to increase the rh%. Later on in the grow, like the flower stage, you may need to decrease the rh% so a dehumidifier would be helpful there.

If you are not running a chiller for the water then definitely add some Hydroguard to help prevent root rot.

Within about 10 days of planting that seed you should start to see signs of life. Good luck and stay active in the community as this is a great resource of knowledge and experience!

Good choice on the strain too!


Welcome @Zahraa_Msa!

I enjoy my morning coffee on this coaster I got in the 90’s. Love your country!

Welcome to our community. :partying_face::star_struck:



Welcome @Zahraa_Msa. I concur with @Aang and @miami5th on the ordering and would love to visit Amsterdam one day. I would also suggest a mini fan for circulation and be patient with your grow. :ok_hand: :slight_smile:


Oh! Purchase an extra set of Bottles #3, 4, and 5. You may go through more than 1 of those bottles for a grow. Also see about getting a pH tester and pH up/down so you can pH your water before filling the Grobo.


Welcome to AG @Zahraa_Msa, what a beautiful name!! I would love to visit Amsterdam someday, good luck with your grow!!


Welcome! To add to all of that great advice, I highly recommend reading through @Stephen’s Weekly notifications. I’ll post the link to week 1 and you can follow links or just search for each subsequent week. Its good to read ahead and know what to expect. It will also help you gauge where you are in your growth. And always feel free to ask questions! Everyone loves to help and no question gets treated like a stupid one. Its a great community of people


Can someone help me, I read that autoflower is best to grow for beginners such as myself but then I read that I have to be more careful with the autoflower than the photoperiod. It seems to me like the autoflower is more of an issue then the photoperiod for beginners. Help!!! Lol


It was the year 2000 at the The Bulldog in Amsterdam where I discovered and fell in love with my favorite strain “Bubblegum”. It is so scarce in the US to this day, I bought the Grobo so I could always have it around. Full Circle :globe_with_meridians:


Opinions vary! I was on the fence for a while on which type of seeds to buy myself, and ended up buying photo.

SO many people love autos though, and there are tons and tons of youtube videos about them and a few people here who are familiar with them in the grobo who I’m sure will get back to you, I just can’t think who they are to tag anyone, sorry.

You will do great, think positive!!! :grin: :+1: Personally, I’ve enjoyed watching a lot of Mr. Kanuck’s ?? I think that’s his name, closet auto grows on youtube. He grows them in small spaces, maybe you can pick up some inspiration from him as well as all the great tips you’ll get here on AG!



Welkom uit Eindhoven!


Welcome @Zahraa_Msa, so happy to have you! You have received some great advice from the team above. Can you tell us a bit about your growing environment? What is the temperature and relative humidity range inside your grobo? What type of water are you using to fill your reservoir? What is the temperature of the water once inside the reservoir and cycling (requires aquarium temperature display w/probe)? These are all very important factors when growing this incredible plant, let us know where your stats lie and we will be able to better advise you!

Also it would be wise to begin researching and forming a solid plan that you will stick to for defoliation (pruning/trimming). I have attached a few links to get you started below.

Most of all, have fun with this process. It truly is very rewarding! I have found few things to be less stressful and more zen than growing cannabis :joy:. Know that we are all here for you should you need any advice or direction. Should you have any concerns ask often and ask early. Better that we get you sorted early on before anything catastrophic has taken place. You’re going to love this journey, I look forward to watching and contributing on your progress!


Hi and Welcome to All Growers @Edzard!


thank you!

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Hi there, thank you for the advice and links you guys have been super helpful!!

the temperature inside the GROBO is 25 degrees and the humidity fluctuates between 45-50%. I have placed a humidifier next to the GROBO to prevent the rh from dropping too much. And for the water I am using distilled water.
I haven’t received the aquarium temp display yet though :confused: so im not sure. I have also ordered hydroguard and was wondering if I should follow the instructions on the pack or not?

And yes! I will make the most out of it, I really can’t wait to see the results :slight_smile:

thank you again!


love this :laughing:

Thank you! Happy to be part of the community :smiley:


Welcome @Zahraa_Msa and congrats on your grobo!

Here are some guides that I used when I first started with the grobo and found that they are very useful and I still look at them from time to time today:

This community is a great place to get some help so don’t hesitate to reach out!



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Hey everyone…I’m on day 32 of my first grow and just got my support racks from Grobo and I am wondering if anyone can give me a little advise on how to use the racks for low stress training. Looking through some of the posts it seems that people use the racks during the grow process to help keep the branches flattened out (for a lack of a better term). Is there specific way to do that or things to look for when placing the racks through the plant… like best practices type of thing? Thanks everyone!! If anyone knows of a video or how to with pictures using the magnetic racks that would be awesome. Thanks again!!

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Hello everyone!

I would like to share some updates with you all, i’m currently on day 19/38 of flowering and she seems to be healthy and beautiful. I’ll share some pictures below :slight_smile: