New grower needing advice

Hello everyone,

First time grower with auto flower gorilla glue, from the looks of the some of the trichomes im seeing my thoughts are she could possible be ready. The grobo recipe I choose (I choose Gorilla glue photo period not auto flower) Im currently on day 82 (day 30 of 42 flower) schedule would suggest. Any suggestions? Should I let it flower the last 12 days followed by the 10 flush or move immediately to flush? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.


Hi there and welcome. You mentioned your plant is an auto, then why would you choose a photoperiod recipe? Also at this stage it’s best to use your judgement based on the ripeness of the trichomes (which you are doing) and not necessarily your shift schedule (which might be wonky anyways because photoperiod and auto plants are different).

Do you have a device to check for trichome ripeness? If so can you upload those pictures?

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Rush into it and figured things out a few weeks in. Im currently on a 12-12 schedule. Thanks for the info


Gotcha. No worries. It happens to all of us. Live and learn as they say. No judgement here just wanted to know about the recipe selection that’s all. I love the community here on this forum. :call_me_hand::facepunch: