New grow using feminized seeds

Not sure if this is the right spot to start this but couldn’t find a similar thread. So i started a grow 2 weeks ago with a random seed. It did not make it so i ended the grow and will be starting again with feminized seeds i got off the OCS website. I was wondering @Stephen if there is a grow recipe available for a strain called Bakerstreet by Tweed yet or should i just use the generic indica recipe for now? Currently just waiting for new coco pods to arrive and will be getting started again once they get here.


Go with the generic recipe and then you can email support and have them tweak things if you like



OSC seeds from Tweed eh? I’d stick with True North and their breeders to be honest. Bakerstreet is a Hindu Kush, so I recommend the OG Kush 101 day recipe from Humboldt Seed Org.



Wonderful. Thanks for the info on the strain. I am hoping to get it started tonight as long as UPS actually delivers my coco pods. I was going to buy seeds from either true north or crop king seeds but i knew if i ordered from OCS that i would get them in a day… so i went with convenience. Just have to see how it turns out i guess to see if its worth it to wait or if getting seeds off of the OCS website with the limited strains they have is good when in a pinch.