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Hi James
Can’t seem to find the name of the brand name on that light. It is a 300 watt and it came with the tent from Amazon Topgrow I believe was the name of the tent. I splurged in nutes however! I think I sent photos of those nute bottles. The strain of the plants are 2 hybrids, which are Strawberry Field Auto. The other 2 are Melon OG indica indica s, which also are autos…

Nearing the end. Flush begins Friday and may last a week or two. New Video in the works covering all of flower for both this and the Jack47 (schwazz)

Figured I’d share some pics including closeups

Using an inexpensive Wireless digital microscope to snap the close ups.


Very nice James


I’m on day 4 of germination in my grobo still no sign of root or plant


My seed has popped after twenty four hours both times. Maybe take a look at how you are storing and where you buy your seeds. I fill a cup of distilled water and throw a seed in and just set it on my table until I wake and I always wake to it just trying to sprout, I then opt to go another day or just put it in the cocoa pod and start germ in grobo. This way your not waisting your time in the grobo. One of my favorite allgrowers @Osage, mentioned that I should store my seeds in whatever package they came in but in a mason jar of rice. I also buy my seeds from seedsman if that helps.


Those look top notch :ok_hand:. Fatty buds, really plumped up lol


Thank you it was just a few bag seeds I had I’m trying to get my actual order wont be in for a few more weeks I was just excited to finally use my grobo I have a few trying to get with papertowl method just in case but there not looking promising either

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Sorry Will, maybe try to soak in a cup of RO/distilled water overnight and hope you see a speck of white on the seed! You will eventually find what works best for you! I wish you all the luck!


Hi James, little crisis I think…as I was watering my plants this morning I noticed that there was some powdery mold on the side of 2 of the four canvas pots and one actually had some mold on top of the soil. Nothing was on the plants and in fact they look quite healthy. Any suggestions?

Soil is dry every time I water 3xs per week which includes day of feed. I water/water/water with nutes…it’s the canvas pots! Sucks the water right up

How do I get rid of the mold

Can you post some pics? It may not be bad mold, but if you think it’s really “bad mold/mildew” that’s typically found in areas with poor air circulation or overly wet areas. Easiest fix is an oscillating fan, but I suspect that’s not the case.

If it looks like this (side of a fabric pot)

it’s salt and calcium buildup - nothing to be concerned about. This will happen with using feed/nutrients. Will also work itself out with a flush, but probably not needed unless you see your plants leafs are spotting/curling/browning.

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Yeah I will post pics. I do have 2 fans in there plus the in- line fan. It’s set on low maybe I should put it in medium? I take each plant out of the tent to water so I don’t splash around and leave water… I’m more concerned about the mold on the soil, but I did water over it this morning so it might not be there when I try to take a pic. I will try anyway give me a few…again thanks James

No problem, best to post pics so we (myself any anyone else whom has an opinion) to better assess the situation. Mold and fungus can grow on the top of soil, but without seeing pics I would assume it’s mycelium

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. The mass of hyphae is sometimes called shiro, especially within the fairy ring fungi. Fungal colonies composed of mycelium are found in and on soil and many other substrates.”

“ The Benefits Of Mycelium For Plant Life

There are three types of mycelium:

  • Saprophytic, a scavenger of sorts that feeds off dead organic matter.
  • Parasitic, which absorbs nutrients from a live host.
  • Mycorrhizae, which feeds off live plants, in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Mycorrhizae is the mycelium most gardeners will want to focus on cultivating in their soil and is really good for cannabis.”

This mold on your soil is called “Santa’s Beard”… it is a beneficial mycho fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with the cells in the root zone called the rhyzosphere. The fungi processes the organic amendments in the soil into available nutrients and the plant uptakes as necessary. Most times it only appears after topdressing with an organic amendment.

DO NOT KILL this fungi (for now). It’s likely beneficial to your plant!

I’ll check back later for pics, but I wouldn’t panic about this. My “guess” based off the description provided is it’s a beneficial.

Along with the pics, it would be ideal to know what nutrients you’ve been using, any amendments In the soil, have you been adding anything extra recently e.g. aerated tea ect, what soil you’re using ect

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Here we go with the pics James sorry for delay. The mold on the outside of the canvas bags seemed to have disappeared since I watered them this morning. The bags are dry and no sign of mold on this plant I pulled out on the outside. However as you can see, there is mold in the soil… so? I posted the othe plants as well. This particular plant is a month and two days old. It’s an auto and I’m not sure if it’s my hybrid or my indica yet? The other plants are autos and were planted mid October.


James I’ve been using these nutes posted below. I think it’s time to switch from Multi Zen to Bud-XL for the 3 bigger plants… what do you think?

Forgot the pics

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Hey Grower!

Can you post some pics? It may not be bad mold, but if you think it’s really “bad mold” that’s typically found in areas with poor air circulation or overly wet areas.

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Have you been doing anything different the past week such as spiking nutes (adding more than suggested it bumping up the does)? The mold on the outside of the pots is not a concern. In most cases it’s the calcium/salt build up stains. The soil “fuzzies” look to be “Santa’s beard”. I’m not concerned about that but To me, this plant doesn’t look happy

The bottom leafs appear to be curling, but that just may be the view of the pic. The leafs appear to be droopy which can happen after a heavy watering. Right, wrong or indifferent, If you think there is a problem a flush with pH’d 6.2-6.5 water should clear that right up. Make sure if you do you get 25% run off and test that run off for ppm and ph. I am not concerned about the white fibers on the soil. I don’t know anything about the nutes you’re using.

When in doubt, flush, dial back the nutes. When I use nutes I typically start at half the recommended does and start slowly moving up watching the plant for potential issues over the week.

Take a look at this

And this

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Yeah I flushed it this morning with 6.0 ph water. Actually it’s kinda making a comeback. I thought I killed it a couple weeks ago. I over water and fed it at the beginning and it sort of got Hiroshima on me… I have also been experimenting on lollipopping with it!!! Thought it was dead!!! There was nothing only one bud site and now there are five…

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Well that explains the bottom section that looked troubled.