New Grobo Start Videos!

I suppose you can use any medium but they were made for peat pods.

The start can be used when your in flush or dry cycle so that you can skip germination or early veg in the grobo!
You can also use it to grow spices when not being used for grobo!
Really saves time for sure, cuts your grobo grow time so you can harvest sooner!
There should not be a reason to raise the pods, I see a lot of people doing this and not getting to the root of the problem that something has to be off in the machine because the pods were designed to sit flush with lid.
If you had to raise the pod it isn’t possible because the top of the pod holder holds the peat in place and the holder has specific grooves that lock into the lid designed to hold the transfer.


Your plant is looking good :slight_smile:


Makes sence :wink: & Tell me about it :exploding_head:!!

First seed Dud

Second beauty gets Severe Dropout R.I.P :skull_and_crossbones: (low drowned pod)

Third seed just stops germinating (low pod)

Forth is about to start once I decide/find the best recipe :roll_eyes::wink:

Got to be this time or something Is Definitely amiss :thinking:!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:exploding_head:!..

Anyone know why my posts being grayed-out btw :thinking::flushed:


& Im off :+1:

Gone Full Generic

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R.H is climbing too :wink::+1:


Did you recalibrate before starting a new grow?
Did you have support check your water sensors?

@Bplatinum9 Question on the Grobo Start in @Stephen video he states lighting is 13 hours only… He also states you can keep a plant in there for up to 6 weeks…

Question is after 2/3 weeks with a photo strain wouldn’t we want the start to run for 18 hours?? Is there a way to adjust light timing if user wanted to?


When you say Recalibrate" It took me through the whole recipe setup from water to start :thinking::wink:

& How do I report my issues to support m8 :thinking:

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Not a recipe setup a recalibration of your probes under the maintenance tab on your app or web site.
This should be done before every grow…

To submit a request…

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No I didn’t :flushed:! But I had only just done a clean & calibration before the last… Death :roll_eyes:!

But ill do 1 right now thanks bro :+1::+1:

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Hey @Mpower11,

There isn’t a way to adjust the light times past 13 hours currently. This is more of a seed starter than a veg chamber replacement. Can you go 6 weeks with most strains? Yes, especially if you run the light at night and use the ambient light of the day to keep them rolling.



The grobo start has two settings, when I find my paperwork I will let you know what they are!
You adjust the two settings by unplugging and when turned back on it will restart the timer or switch to the second timer depending on number of clicks. Or its the blue light is one time and the green is another.

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All sorted thanks :+1:

Suppose it always says Recalibrating yeah :wink:

Now its…

:pray:!:pray:!:pray:!:pray:!:pray:! :rofl:

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If you mean it asked you to recalibrate a second time it does that when improperly calibrated.or when calibrating the wrong sensor.
Did you start with 7.0 then use 4.0 calibration solutions?

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Definitely right probe :rofl:!!

& yep :slightly_smiling_face:

It did the second check last time but all came back Recalibrated so all good :+1:

I with the bluelab kit came with caps for there jars so I could save solutions or is that not advisable :thinking:??..

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As long as your not reusing the solution you should be ok, better order some before next grow if using the packets that came with kit.

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I’ve just read this :rofl:,inability%20to%20calibrate%20at%20all.

& Thats the reason for no lids :wink::rofl:

As You Knew :wink:

EBAY :roll_eyes:!!!


Better safe than sorry or the wrong readings! :eyes::seedling:

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Sorted :wink::rofl:

& Chill :roll_eyes:!..

Literally 420

Let her dose & Hydroguard tomorrow :wink:


I see :eyes: u have the pod from the grobo start looks really nice :+1:t2: :ok_hand:t3::seedling:


Works really well too so far! :eyes::seedling: