New Grobo Recipes

Hey everyone,
So there are plenty of strains that The Grobo Team has implemented into recipes for the Grobo machine to use. Will there be more recipes added into the software? I believe I heard something about this but not for a while or with any solid answer.
I know the generic recipe works just fine but I was wondering if the recipes actually allow for better/proper growth in the Grobo and allows for a better overall grow when the recipe and seed genetics match.


Yeah I am curious too! Good question…

I have always wondered what is specific about recipes, like, is it less or more nutrients for the stages of growth? etc


Me too! I’ve always been curious, what makes a recipe unique to its strain?


Hey! Yes, there are more recipes coming out soon. Quite possibly this week I believe Stephen mentioned in another post.

I too wonder about the details of the recipe. For example, we know growth time is different and time for each stage may vary by strain, but what about pH, and dosing? I think this is their “secret sauce” and proprietary information that we may never know unless someone reverse engineers it.


Ye. Thats what data is part of whats collected.
Lots of recipes coming. I suspect 100 to 200 more. Its been a stitch

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@miami5th @Todd.grobo oh, that’s great news! I’m sure they’re excited to roll them out when they’re ready. Thanks for the info, looking forward to my next grow and got curious looking at all the recipes.

Are you aware of anyone that has grown peppers or any other plant species in the Grobo besides Stephen? I’d love to see that

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Yes strawberries from Bjorn