New Grobo -- Need Help

So my new Grobo arrived today, that’s awesome, getting it setup has been less than stellar.

Here’s the list of issues that I’m having.

First, the fill never went to complete, it hung around 75% or so and the app still showed filling.

Second, there were no lights in the machine other than the LED indicator.

Third, the button to unlock the door on the app did not unlock the door.

I was able to get the door to unlock via the button in the back, popped the top off and realized that the ribbon cable that drives the lights was not even connected, probably came out during shipping. I plugged it back in and I have lights inside now, that’s great.

Here’s my problem now, I absolutely can not get the door to open. If I do the button trick on the back (hold for two seconds), the lights come on instead of the door unlocking. If I click the unlock button in my dot grobo dot io, the lights come on instead of unlocking.

I’ve just updated the firmware thinking that might solve the issue, no bueno.

One more question too, I thought this thing had a camera or something? Is that no longer in it?

Thanks for the assistance!

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@420farms we’ve got you bro.

First let’s start with your door. The light on your window will change every time you unlock. The most likely issue is your locking bar is bent too far upwards causing the locking mechanism to get stuck. Try this:

  1. Press button on back for three seconds to unlock.
  2. Press in firmly on the door lever on the top right hand side of the door (you should hear a “click” which means the locking mechanism has released).
  3. As soon as you hear the click pull open the door.
  4. Once you have the door open adjust the locking bar by bending it down slightly (it may take some finagling to get it positioned correctly but once it’s there you won’t have to mess with it again).

Let me know when you have this fixed and we’ll move onto the next issue.


Also there is no camera but plenty of us use third party WiFi security cams. I especially like this one as it is battery powered (no wires and it lasts for months without battery change), and it comes with a WiFi receiver that can be placed outside the Grobo for better connection.

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 1 Camera Kit


Right on, thanks man.

I figured the lock out by actually removing the actuator and it was locking and unlocking perfectly, so you were spot on in your assessment, the door is exerting too much pressure on the locking mechanism for it to be able to actuate, adding a little pressure to the door like you suggested allows it to function properly.

Once this was sorted out, and the lights were going, I went through and did a drain and started a grow, did the fill and everything looks normal. This thing is pretty badass, despite the hiccups with setup. I’ll grab one of those cameras for now, thanks for the tip.

Hey Grobo support, if you’re reading this, here’s a simple request…since the system already has a built in temperature/humidity sensor, how about adding that to the webapp so we all don’t have to add aftermarket sensors?


Awesome glad you’re up and running :muscle::muscle:

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