Melted light cover

I start to transplant into my grobo and find this! It appears to be a melted hole?! I ended the last grow in October, cleaned etc, and haven’t touched it since. I didn’t notice it then, but I do remember the lights going wonky when I attempted to do an EC calibration towards the end. The calibration never did work. I put a support ticket in Sunday, but haven’t heard back yet. I’m getting anxious about my plant outgrowing the grobo start and I’m afraid to begin a grow and start a fire or something! Any comments, thoughts, ideas appreciated.


Glad nothing more serious happened and hope you have it unplugged till you figure it out



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  • (Well, -Now- This Explains Why The Team Decided To Go Coverless): (Unless Their Is A Wire Out Of Place In Your Unit, -This- Might Be A Bad Batch Of [UnQualified] Covers, That Doesn’t Live Up To The Quality Criteria): (This Explains [ALot]):

  • (I Know There Is A Lot Of Work To Dissembling -And- Removing The Cover, Unless You Are A Project Guru): (-Also- Just Checking To See If You Have A Wire Out Of Place Causing This Horrific Panic):

  • (I Know [Time Is Of The Essesnce]): (Just Don’t Know What You Are Comfortable Doing At This Point): (Totally The_ :tickets: Was The Right Move, -Just- You Will Have To Share [“Here On This Topic”] What The Resolve Will Be):

  • (If It Was Me, I Would Take The Cover Completely Out): {I Am Thinking To Doing This [MySelf]}: (I Also Am On Hold For Starting A New Grow, For Issues I Will Share):

  • [Grow Journal | Cleaning Mode | Cannabis | SilverGrobo | Nov 30, 2021]: {:mag:}:

  • [Picture of wires and water tank]: (#FixMeGrobo): {:tools:}: {:mag:}:

  • [Is THIS how this works?]: {:mag:}:

  • [ New computer board needed]: {:mag:}:



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I am not sure as that looks different than either of mine. My covering is clear and also doesn’t have those 2 holes in the top either.


Discontinue use until support returns for your safety!
If you choose not to wait please wear electrical gloves, disconnect power while working and connect to a surge protector to power back up! :eyes: :seedling: