New Bucket System Running Along Side My Grobo

Going to do another run of Jack Herer (Auto) since my last attempt was rocky. With all that I’ve learned with using the Grobo I decided to try my hand at a 1 plant stirponic system with separate reservoir using two 5 gallon buckets. I was thinking of starting one seed in the Grobo and transferring it to the bucket after germination. Then planting another seed to grow in the Grobo all the way through once that first seed is transferred. I’m also going to be leaving it by my sunny south facing windows as an experiment to see how it compares to the light in the Grobo. I’m a little nervous, but I’ll be planting the seeds next week so I’ll keep you guys posted.

Btw - anyone know how I can have my one water chiller flow into both reservoirs?



(If the plants are going to grow at the same rate and are the same [Nutrients] this would work): (If they are going to grow at different rates and use different [Nutrients] then the idea would be not feasible): (Sounds like a [blending valve] would be the best solution):

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Dual-Temperature Chiller Plants - Trane


terminal units . 56°F. 63°F. 56°F. Figure 2 . Single- chiller plant (blending valve) chiller plant. 40°F … dehumidifying coils in AHUs water economizer**. 60°F chiller 1. (w/ free cooling)** chiller 2 … series, some designers consider splitting the flow …



Thanks Babara!


Y’all handy when it comes to this stuff


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