Need to replace my air stone

Was wondering if anyone has messed with the air stone In their unit? Just trying to get a heads up on what’s needed


Lots of members have replaced their stones and many have also removed theirs.
I just added two small stones because mine was on its last leg, but I left the original one in place!
I would definitely keep an extra handy just in case yours ever stops. :eyes::seedling:


Oh it definitely needs replaced. I thoughtlessly never changed the water after a failed grow and To kept the lights on I just left it on the failed grows water in and it got my closet grow started in there so the nasty growth I believe is living on in my air stone. Just need some tips on removing it


After you clean your grobo out…
Soak your air stone with 50/50 vinegar/hot water let sit in your reservoir for about an hour or so to clean any bacteria, spurs, fungus or viruses.
Remember to clean the walls and inside door with rubbing alcohol and do a complete clean on your probes and recalibrate.
Then prepare a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution (mixed 50/50 with water) and pour enough into your reservoir to cover your air stone. Let the system sit for an hour, then fill and drain your unit. One final wipe down, and you’re ready to fill your unit and begin growing again! :eyes::seedling:


I just bought a 4" round air stone from Amazon. It was only $9 and seems to be working great, for now.Screenshot_20210424-081432_Amazon Shopping|387x499

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Did you remove the original air stone?!

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I have removed on one of my units. For an unknown reason after the moving of the unit the others stone started working so ill use that till it dies then replace.

Any tips and tricks on removing it? It seems to be on the bottom of the tank pretty good

On a scale of 1 to 10 to remove it mine was up at 8 or 9 if i remembeR
Almost as hard as removing the reservoir.

Lovely. Bahaha :rofl: hopefully I can figure out something


  • (When You Do Your Cleaning In Your Tank, [While The Soaking Is Being Done] A Little Twist Of Your Stone Should Do It):


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Awesome thanks

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