My waterline is low yet no notice from machine

After my 4th day in I received a notice from my grobo to fill with water. Now it’s day 14 and I have not received a new notice. The waterline is clearly 1.5 inch lower than max level. I wish I never purchased this.

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Don’t worry grower, everything is working fine. The first message you received was a routine preprogrammed message. It is to get you in the routine of checking your water level midweeks which is important, especially later on in the grow.

There are three water sensors in the Grobo. The high water mark, mid level and low level. The top level is only used through the early veg stage and then the water level drops and stays at the mid level sensor. The emergency “low water” sensor you are referring to is way down the bottom of the unit and you never want your water level to get that low. I “top off” my reservoir every Wednesday like religion. In the beginning it would only go down a little but in flower a plant can drink upwards of a gallon in a week so remember to get that midweek check in.

Don’t get discouraged, it does have a learning curve but helps you learn the process very well. :fist_right:t2::+1:t2:


Perfectly said wake!
I have been using grobo since 2019 and never have I ever worried about water level!
I also have never topped up before but a lot of people do!
So there is nothing to worry about like wake said because your plant will be fine either way! :eyes::seedling: