My True Blue Dream

She’s looks awesome. Congrats!


Great job :+1:

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Thanks @Aang

Thanks @Droopy6444

Can I or should I extend flush? If so, continue drain/fill/topoffs with 1&2? Will tricomes continue advancing to amber while in flush? Thanks @Todd.grobo

You can extend flush as long as you need. Do not add or manually add anything extra during flush though. My last plant was 25 days in flush.
Continue your drain and fills and or top ups until plant is ready.
Just based on looka id say 6 to 10 days left. Based on my personal preference
Looks good

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  • ((#Harvesting)): (#Congratulations): :older_woman: :herb: :green_thumb:


:older_woman: :herb: :green_thumb:

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Thank you for the input. :grinning: I feel so much better! I was thinking another week would be just right. Excited!


Just come across your posts :wink: & seems like you’ve had a Normal Up n Down journey with the finish line finally in sight :wink: Felt unwell a few time’s myself I don’t mind admitting :flushed::rofl: but honestly enjoying Every minute :wink:

AG is simply the :peanuts:!

A few more pics would be good though :wink::+1::fist_right::seedling:

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Hey @Gmann! So glad you checked it out and commented. It was enough to get me off my tushie and post my harvest as well as a new grow I just started :raised_hands: Pics soon to follow :wink:


Break A :leg::wink::seedling:

My Dream came true! I’ve finally harvested after a long but interesting 176 days. If I’ve learned anything-it’s patience is a virtue :sunglasses:

Still waiting “patiently” for curing but I did sample the merch and am extremely happy with the outcome! Thanks again to all of you for your guidance and enthusiasm. Such a fascinating learning experience and so much more to learn. Next up Chronic Widow


nice work!


Thanks @ChicagoCypher_CC :grinning:

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WoW :+1:! Nice finish m8 :wink:

I’m hopeful :pray:!:crossed_fingers:!:pray:!:crossed_fingers:!

Furthest I’ve ever got :+1:!:wink:!..