My tri-chomes

Hello & thank you in advance for your help…this is my 2nd grow in the Grobo unit. & this time around I’m growing a Cindy 99 Indy…I’m on grow day 105 & the “flush” is supposed to start tomorrow. But my tri-chomes are barely milky…do I extend my flower stage until I see amber tri’s or do I go with the recipe & start flushing even without any amber? My 1st batch in the Grobo never even turned milky. Not as potent as I wanted…but a solid sativa none the less.
Is there something that we (humans) can do to “activate” the turning to amber?


Hey @Pabber123,

Great question, you can certainly extend the flower period by a week with the shift schedule feature. You can even add more time to the flush stage if you wish! Recipes are a great guide, but you are the final judge. Only time will ripen them up, no tricks or tips there.



Well said