My tri-chomes are still

Hello everyone, 1st time grower in my Grobo. Ok, so I’m at the end of my grow with a beautiful tri-chome beast Liberty Haze. I’m in the final stage w/ 5 days left of “flushing” in my Grobo. But the tri-chomes are still very clear. What makes them turn amber? Should I extend my grow for another cycle (10days)? There’s no nutrients going into the water for the last 5 days…will the tri-chomes turn amber without nutrients? Or should I just give in & except that the tri-chomes are going to be clear & this batch is going to be more of a sativa high vs the tri-chomes being amber which is a more heavy/couch lock high? Thank you



  • (Yes, the Trichomes will keep ripening up in [Flush]): (Clear is not where you want to be when you [Harvest]):

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You can extend flush until they’re where you want them, or go back to Flower and feed them again. Like @SilverGrobo said, it’s your call. Read some posts on here to help you decide.


@Pabber123 ken it sounds like it needs some more time
You can extend the schedule. Days are only estimation and likely have to be adjuated.
Buy a small loupe so you can see the crystal heads.


I did buy a loop & that’s how I noticed they were still clear. I appreciate the advice


Good advice & thanks for the illustrations & video.
Good stuff!


Is there an advantage to feeding it again? I’m thinking if it’s in flush mode & I start feeding it again & THEN the tri-chomes turn amber. I’ll have to flush again & then it’ll become over ripe??
(If that’s even a thing)

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It would be wasted nutes at that point. You aren’t really increasing in size, and your flush is really to help with the taste. You are better off just extending the flush since you’re already in it. I had to extend mine, and the amber will come.


Perfect!! Thank you :+1:t2:


Update: day 15 of the “flush” cycle (started the flush over after it got to the 10th day) & all my tri-chomes are still clear. I know I’m supposed to wait but my gosh…what is taking this long? I know you can’t rush mother nature…but damn girl! @Stephen


hold fast! Many of us extend weeks or even a couple more months than planned for some grows depending on how they responded. Worth the wait!


Just keep extending your flush man, like @Nathan said it’s well worth the wait.

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Question for all that say keep flushing…I did that for like 20 days!!! Flushing…no nutes. My tri-chomes under a good loop didn’t show any clouding & no amber tri’s…but the leaves that were left started to turn colors. I didn’t want the buds to change too…so it made me just take what I got with the beautiful CLEAR tri-chomes because I was worried they would go the way of the leaves…start to die off/change (it’s core)
I mean it can’t just sit in flush for 30dayz, right?
I was at like 26 days of flushing. Maybe the recipe was jacked.
Thoughts please…thank you

THC levels peak while the trichomes are still clear. There’s a lot of conflicting info about this online, but published studies have shown that as they go cloudy (and then amber) is actually the start of some of that THC degrading into CBN. I’ve found some sativa-dominant strains tend to take longer to make the transition, though I also prefer it to be as THC-rich (and CBN-free) as possible.

Harvesting when they go cloudy or amber is done that way because it’s a simple indicator that the majority of the trichomes have definitely reached their peak. While they’re all still clear there’s no way to know that without taking the contents of the trichomes out with a syringe and measuring the THC levels in each individual trichome.

If you were going for amber/CBN effects you can still make some butter/oil from that and bake with it. Instead of backing off on decarboxylation before too much converts to CBN just let it happen and/or use it in something that gets baked at a higher temperature.