My plant is too tall!

My purple Afghan kush is way too tall. Tried to gently bend the stems and broke one… any suggestions on what to do? All the sweet leaves are burnt!
This grow was difficult from the beginning. I think the recipe is wrong, hence all my leaves had brown spots the entire time. This was brought up to the tech team and even changing the wanted didn’t help the situation. Is my plant trash, or is there hope?!


Can you give us a bigger picture of the plant in general so we can all see what you’re working with as a whole? That will help us give a better solution from what we all can see.

There are options to try to combat the height of your plant and keep it away from the light such as using magnetic hooks with tie downs, Grobo support racks, and also a technique called supercropping, which I think you have tried somewhat from what it sounds like you described… if not, here’s an article about it:

You said you snapped a stem… if it’s not completely broken, you can tape it up and it should heal itself hopefully, or at the very least keep it together enough to continue feeding the branch… that all depends on how late you are in flower but by the looks of things it looks like you’re in week 2 or 3 of flower?

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Yes one of the branches bent too much and I try to put bandage Over it in hope it would heal, but by the next day, the branch was completely wilted and dying. Super disappointed Three branches touch the light wheels others Algarve been somewhat bent to not- for now

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Hey! I had height issues with my first grow too. I used the grobo support tie racks to bend down the the taller branches. At times I had made an S shape out of a branch to keep it away from the light.

Use whatever you have to bend and tie down branches so they are at least 1 - 2 inches away otherwise it might get light burn/stress. Good luck you should be okay!