My plant hasn’t sprouted but I can see it has a root

Recently I check my grobo and it looks like the seed has germinated but nothing has sprouted. There is a white Tao root in the middle but my coco pod is falling apart, will that matter? The humidity in my basement is 38% with the humidifier on. Anyone know what I should do ?


The germination stage is the most fragile and should not be handled.
How many days have you been germinating!
Patience is very important at this stage!
You may have damaged her at this point, I would say put her back together and give it a couple days to be sure.
Caution: roots don’t like Being exposed to the light.


It is on day 7 of germination

It is in day 7 of germination

Did you germinate inside the grobo or outside?
You may need to start over and try not to disturb the coco pod this time around. Post pics so the forum can talk you through it and honestly it may not be anything you did because some seeds just aren’t stable enough. I had that problem with some cheese seeds from seedsman that were free with my order, now I know why!


i did germination inside the grobo i may try to do it out if the grab this time

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I had one cocopod that broke when it was being inserted. It cracked similar to how yours did. I just let the roots grow in to hold it in place eventually. It might’ve also been soaked for too long if it fell apart too easily, which is what I think happened in my case.


Update: I removed part of the coco pod off the top and saw this… what does this mean for my plant, did it die? Or is it about to sprout ?

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Looks like she survived and is coming up to me

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It’s coming up but you gotta stop Messi g with it … handling the seedling like that will most likely cause more damage and like someone earlier said germination is the most sensitive stage … gotta let it do its thing


I cannot agree more strongly with our Champ @chris_barfield above!

Great advice. Being a grower has made my patience much stronger.





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