My lights stopped working!


I am on day 10 of germination of my first seed and my Grobo went crazy. I opened it to check on the little girl and when I closed the door the glass turned red, then shut off and disconnected from the app. The Grobo was able to reconnect to the internet and the air pump is working but the light is OFF. I reset again and same thing. If I press the button on the back the light turns on for 30 seconds and goes out. This can’t be happening… Someone please help.

Go into the app and try saving your light schedule again, that sometimes can fix it if they’re not coming on correctly.


Thanks for the quick response! Alright, complete overreaction. I was messing with the light schedule earlier and didn’t realize I saved it. Thanks for stopping the heart attack. Does the glass normally turn red though before it shuts off?

I haven’t noticed it go red before turning off, usually they just turn off and it goes dark.

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Red glass is see thru only. Blue lights and green when on

Woke up this morning to everything looking back to normal. Not sure what all that red light was about but now she is glowing the regular purple pink color. I still put a ticket in to check on the red light thing.

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You might want to look in the back of the top, other side from button. To make sure your board didnt get bumped off the posts during shipping. You can see it through top vent. Happened to me and is easy fix. Would shut off/restart when door closed hard.