My Jack Plant! Day 69

My Jack Herer Plant! Day 69. Had some issues early on in the grow that the team was able to help me out with (circuit board was overloading plant with nutes, so we replaced). I set my schedule back 2-3 weeks to account for that since my plant got off to a slow grow. Now I’m wondering if I need to trim her back since she’s crowding the box … And if I should back up my schedule a bit more - recipe Says I should be in flowering but I think I’m behind that …

Any help/thoughts appreciated!!

[Edit note: I have been trimming some leaves off the bottom as the grow has gone on - if the are clearly drying or curling weirdly]


Perfect height for transition but I would trim it up. No more than 20%. Provide a water change with fresh nutrients. The end goal is to expose bud sites so that they get more light penetration. Once u enter transition which is considered start of flower u will need to trim again on day 21 flower.

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New to trimming in a grobo - any recommendations or notes on how to trim best? What to pay attention to when trimming/ should I trim lowest leaves out since they don’t get much light?

This would be a start where the red x :x: are. Before u start trimming what stage is the plant in?? @Golden-Nugz

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Also is it a photo or auto?

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Looking good a lil trim should do the trick

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Get rid of the big ones that are shading the under growth. They’re going to be full of buds so I would snip and clip the big leaves. Then make sure your lights candy shine on them. If not do a little bit of moving your bud branches in to the light with soft wire…

Don’t stress them out too much and when you do this I feed after because it helps take the shock away. Helps it deal with the stress.

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