My grow 🪴 is booming

My OGBB’S are getting huge. I’ve pulled them down training them so I’ll get a 6 to 7 ft plants. If I keep training you’ll do it and you’ll have 24 or more top’s and more top’s means more sticky big buds.

As you can see I’ve got them in 20 gallon pots.


I switched to a new phone and don’t know my username. If some one could help me remember my username so I can log into it. I’m the Purple Rain grower and OGBB’s old-school led or something like that please help


I got back in


Wow, lookin like they are definitely getting big!

Those stalks are super thick!

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As big as a quarter. Thank you… For looking…

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Great grow! What type of medium are you using? :eyes::seedling:

Coco… Grower’s Choice LED Lights. Commercial…
Got a 4 bar and and 2 8 bar ones platnum color and there newest is just like the platnum 8 bar but it’s gold with a light controller. And one I got from Amazon and it’s doing pretty good for the price.

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Just got me a Growers Choice ROI 720 8 bars and can connect to my other one for the sunrise and sundown affect… Controller cost $350.00 alone… The light was $944.00. I’ll be showing pictures later. Thanks.
I’ve also got everything for my add on and my envention … The auto watering res.


Looks amazing!