My Grobo Issues

Hello All,

I’m taking the time to create my own support thread to detail my many issues since owning a grobo and hope that I can find some resolution in which isn’t attributed to wireless.

Order to deliver was seamless and my unit arrived before the suggested time :+1:

Everything was going fine until day 3.

  • On day 3 the front LED stopped functioning altogether. After posting the issue in the forum and reading the LED list on the grobo support page I submitted a helpdesk ticket to make them aware and I closed the ticket myself as the front LED for me wasn’t truly necessary.

On day 3 or 4 (not totally sure), I changed my light settings. I still keep my AC at 74. On this day or change is when everything seemed to stop functioning properly.

On day 8 I submitted another ticket

  • “I’ve returned home to find my Inside LEDs are not on. My light settings have been 7am to 3am and when I go into the office I leave before the lights come on. I adjusted the light settings in the “app” and the inside LED kicked on, but this is a serious concern as nobody can be home to constantly monitor their grobo. Basically this plant got an extra 9 hours of sleep. I will now adjust the lights so they get the full 20 hours of light…”
  • lights should be on, but they were off

The answer provided

  • “Looking at the data, they have been functioning correctly from 7am to 3am with the exception of on August 2nd. It looks like they were off for longer than normal. We don’t have any data for an ~11 hour period so it’s likely the system had disconnected from WiFi.” “From our side, everything looks good right now. If you have any more concerns with the light timing please let us know!” “In terms of the wifi connection, it would be the system itself that had disconnected and not your internet. On our side we will eventually review why that happened but as it stands your system is online and running correctly.”

keep in mind, my reporting tools both arp entries on router and 3rd party software (SolarWinds) show full connectivity. Never dropping ever and my router/AP is 26 feet away from the grobo on 2.4 ghz w/ policy in place to pass all traffic. Also doesn’t explain why the inside lights did not come on as expected and I was required to powercycle the grobo to get them back on.

Day 10

  • I was able to do a drain and fill partially. I was able to drain successfully, but filling did not work. So I manually filled which explains no nutes entering the grobo, but doesn’t explain why the pump wouldn’t pull water (distilled only) into the grobo. Not getting nutrients this week pushed the plant further back. It kept growing and looking healthy, but slow

Day 14

Grobo allows for draining. Would not fill. The app kept saying that draining was still in progress. An hour later with no water in the grobo the whole time I kept smashing the drain and then pause button until after many many attempts the app kicked over and allowed me to fill. If this is WiFi why did it allow a drain? This answer is not the cause.

  • no answer was given other than “grobo Chris” suggesting the water chiller isn’t necessary even though they themselves are considering adding one in future models :man_shrugging:and to validate 2.4ghz wireless connectivity. Using the free WiFi analyzer suggested signal strength on top of the grobo is 98% for that ssid. Again not wireless. An hour passed while clicking drain and pause before the app kicked over and allowed a fill.

Just pushed air - there was no water left in the grobo.

Day 17 (today)

To recap issues

  1. Order related waiting for add-ons - finally came - solved.

  2. Outside LED doesn’t work at all - not an issue for me - but zero actual answer to the fix/cause or what is intend to be done or if this is the cause of additional issues.

  3. Inside LED not coming on and forced to powercycle as none of the buttons both app and physical were responding to commands. Unit let the plant sleep an extra 9 hours. Only corrected with a power cycle and engaging the light settings via the app.

  4. Water wouldn’t fill so I had to fill manually on day 10. Drained fine, wouldn’t fill.

  5. A test water drain on day 14 (8/8) resulted in the app just continuously draining even though there was no water in the unit and now after the fill my nutrient bottles have finally dispensed bottles 3/4/5, but it was a lot in my opinion

  6. Today the Plant looks like it’s having nutrient problems on day 17 seen as browning tips, curling leaves. Plant is no longer healthy.

Today is only day 17 of ownership and I am beyond frustrated with support or lack there of and the answers given to these issues. My plant is behind a least a week and showing signs of nute issues. I have an opened helpdesk ticket which I keep adding to and was replied to at end of day Friday and asked to wait for Stephen on Monday.

I have done everything on my end to provide the grobo the ideal conditions such as temps, adding a water chiller to combat the 78 degree water temps. Purchased blue labs meters and take readings daily. Moved the grobo to a different room closer to the WiFi on marble tile to promote cool temps. AC is always on. Absolutely zero sunlight gets into this room. I’ve checked internal components for blockages and or twisted/pinched tubing and found no issues. Not sure what else I can do other than wait for Stephen and hope he has an answer that can fix these issues. Many others are not experiencing these troubles which is why I continue to believe this is software or a defective unit/part causing these issues.

Does anyone in the forum have an idea what’s going on here? I will be doing a drain and fill around 4pm CST to hopefully correct the current nute issues affecting my plant negatively

Has anyone engaged grobo for an RMA? What was the process like for you? I did purchase the extended warranty.

I really want to keep the grobo and im committed to growing in this unit as I’m invested both emotionally and other, but I can’t and don’t want to keep jacking around with this everyday. I often leave for a day or two on business and have a vacation coming up. I do not want to come home to a dead plant because the automation process failed.

Meter readings from today are as follows (I have multiple meters, but all are inline with the bluelabs equipment)
I use gallons of distilled water.
Ph 6.0
Ppm 800
Water temp 66 degrees
Grow area temps 76.4 / rH 64
Light schedule is currently 20/4 off during hours 11:30 am to 3:30pm
Day 17 of grow 7/14 early veg
Generic hybrid photo recipe

I really just want my unit to function properly and not be a pest both in forum and support, but this has not been the case on either.

Please Advise

(Edit) Added a video


Just completed a drain and fill to get on a weekend schedule and hope it resolves the other issues. Took a little from bottle 3,4 & 5 again nothing from 1 & 2

Inside LED on
Nutes dispensed
Blue labs Ppm 800 water temp 67 degrees
Ph is now at 5.6 and the ph meter 67 degrees
Air stone working
Pump is working
Dosing is working

Bottles 3/4/5 are now at the same levels

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800 ppm is a lot for a seedling … especAilly I. Dwc… I just popped seeds that shouted 10 days exact today and I don’t go over 250 ppm and I’m in coco which consider hydroponics by some… I’d dilute that solution as you might create a nute lockout … but that’s just what I would do

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Man I’m sorry you are having so many issues, I hope you are able to get them sorted out soon.

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sound like someone else we know… My grobo is overheating wait for some answer on that. My whole room was only 75f my grow tent was 79f but grobo was 97f. the fans were barely working I removed the carbon filter that created a draft but its still overheating and warm to touch.

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Everything still functioning. Wireless, journal entry, Inside LED, airstone, router shows the grobo connected.

Plant looks to be on the decline and really small/behind schedule for day 19, but I’m hoping Saturday’s water change and new nutes help. Photoperiod so if she does get past this I can extend her schedule accordingly.

Another plant put in soil a day or two ahead of this is thriving despite a short setback and soon will be moved her final home!

Plant is suffering from what I suspect is nute related. Maybe a double dose was provided? Seemed like a lot of fluids for the reservoir size. I’ve purchased a WiFi extender as well. It will arrive tomorrow/Monday and I will install it in the evening (doing everything on my end). Wireless tests continue to show great signal strength on top of the grobo. Also picked up some different air diffusers/aerators/stones. I read a thread on this forum about some folks picked up spares even tho upon failure the grobo team will send a replacement and it’s designed for their unit. It seems like my grobo airstone is pushing less bubbles than previously, but I admittedly may be imagining this. Airstone is still making bubbles. Worst case I’m prepared for a failure.

Put my homemade plantsafe management system in place.

May not look like much (plant tie), but is flexible and strong. Each section easily extended < >, moved and or removed giving me flexibility to manage this grow. Helpful the walls are metal (magnetic hooks) so this can lift with the plant or it can be recreated with minimal effort. Started another video. Basically starting fresh “hopefully” now that the unit seems to be functioning? Inside temps remain between 72/rH60 (night) 77/rH65 (lights on) and water temps 66-68 degrees. Ph yesterday was 5.6 at water change around 4 pm. Today it’s 6.2 (BlueLabs tested).
I used ph down at 6:50 pm cst to get the ph back down to 5.6/5.7 EC 1.1

Ppm is now 720 down from 800 yesterday. Roots are not extremelty white anymore, but I suspect that’s the calmag. Almost equal amounts of nutrient bottles have been consumed roughly 1/4 of each bottle using distilled water out of a gallon purchased at the store.

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May I ask where you got those hooks from?

Heavy duty magents 11$ - I bought 2


Thank you.

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@James Having all these issues sucks. Even though these are little issues, they do all add up. This makes you second guess if your grobo is working properly, but its a good thing you got BlueLabs meters to put a check on the grobo.

If you are still not able to properly drain/fill the reservoir, it seems to be a hardware issue unrelated to the network connection and grobo support is able to address it.

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Really appreciate the support from the other owners here in the forum. Especially on the weekend or when Stephen is gone. I’m not crazy, I’ve documented each of these issues in video or pictures. Not sure if that helps, but at least it’s documented.

What’s odd is my unit works for a few days (currently working without issue from what I can tell) and then just stops and the only thing that resolves it is powercycling. No real cause or solutions provided by support other than wireless related in which I refute from my end. The Grobo may have stopped communicating, but at no point have I dropped either of my circuits in the past 20 days and show full connectivity to the unit without any filter or firewall in place - grobos MAC is set to pass all traffic. 26 feet from its router on 2.4ghz is not an extreme distance.

Ideally my unit would just work as so many others do, but since this hasn’t been my experience more information is required for what I should be looking for each week. In all weeks feeding info should be provided so we can monitor the grobo ourselves for ppm, ec, ph both eliminating possible grobo error and also end user error. Every nutrient company has different Ppm, EC ect for their brands. Not sure where mine should have been for day 19 (early veg) per grobo secret nutes. I’ve read that “ The usual range (5.5 - 6.5) for pH is fine. 6.0-6.3 is optimal for vegetative growth, and 5.7-5.9 for flowering and fruiting.” But since my plant is still really small for its 3rd week and not in veg imo I’ve opted to lower this to 5.7 as I’m clearly getting nute burns and my plant was suffering. I don’t need to know the secret formulas inside the bottles, but at the very least grobo can provide a chart so we can take meter readings from the reservoir to make sure they’re inline with suggested levels since no information about this is available to us per our expensive probes inside the unit. Which I then ask who owns this device? I paid for it, but am completely limited in info and or locked out of relevant info to help us succeed. Support is not exactly timely in responses so it can be days if on the weekend before a fix is implemented. It only takes a few days to kill a plant, but months to grow one successfully.

If anyone is manually feeding the Grobo and has been successful please shoot me a DM with your feeding charts. It’s important to know where ppm, ph, EC should be for each week of growth.

Maybe I just have to start manually feeding (like many others) Advance Nutrients (full lineup arriving today as a just in case) and hope the lights stay on and the grobo connected to the internet to allow light changes at the correct times.

Imo this is a huge design flaw. If the unit must be connected to wireless to know to change the lights a huge disservice is being done to us owners. Many elements are out of the end users control such as ISP & grobo hardware. I am fortunate to have two (one work provided) high speed circuits in the event I have an issue I can move over to the other circuit/provider rather easily. My guess is most others do not have this luxury or have a need for it.

I look forward to any answers support can provide me on how we can proceed. The first 3 weeks of being a grobo owner have been less than ideal for me. It will be great to have Stephen back today. Hopefully he can take a look at the data provided by me cross reference it with whatever secret data we’re not seeing and make sense of this. I will be available via email & forum only today (on-site today and my little guys school orientation this evening), but I do check frequently.

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You really need to dilute the ppm in the solution your plant is not big enough to handle 800 ppm especAilly when the light isn’t strong enough … I mentioned this before but I see it went unnoticed … that is a lockout happening… remember there is nothing buffering the nutes in hydro like soil … I’d bet my grobo if you diluted that solution to about 250-300 so she can recover it will bounce back … this has happened to me almost every grow in the grobo


Hey Chris,

Your comment/advice did not go unnoticed. I value your opinion. Since the unit has been working the past few days I didn’t want to make any changes that would potentially lead to a bigger mess. As I’ve been instructed to await Stephens return. From what I’ve read online your solution is pretty universally accepted.

I suspect the issue with the discolored tips on the bottom leaves to be a Potassium deficiency. Hoping that I’ll get some feedback today from support on this along with the many other issues. Hydro/dwc is very new to me. This is my first plant ever in a DWC so I have a lot to learn. It’s nice to have seasoned vets like you and Osage around to guide some of us along. Thanks!


I hear you man


Hello all,

I wanted to take some time here today to update this thread.

I have been contacted by support (@Stephen ) and some issues had been found w/ my unit. An update will be pushed to potentially resolve these issues. Stephen has gone out of his way to try to setup a call, review my units data and even though I can at times be a jerk (i admit and own this) he and the team were still willing to help! For that I am grateful and sincerely sorry for my negativity.

I am happy that my helpdesk ticket has been resolved and that I wasn’t shouting into the void these past few weeks.

I have been unfairly overly critical of the Grobo team and for that I extend my apologies to the group. I found relief that some of my issues have been validated and that the Grobo team truly does care that we are successfully growing w/ their unit!

My plant is currently thriving and I hope to be able to repay the assistance to other users as many of the champions have been able to provide me in Stephens absence. I look forward to better days moving forward!



She should be doing much better now yes @James? :crossed_fingers:

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Unfortunately my LEDs went off again last night at 10:40pm CST. The firmware fix does not seem to have corrected this. My helpdesk ticket reopened and awaiting response.

I was able to use the app to get the inside LED lights to come back on w/ change light settings so I’m clearly connected to the internet. If this happens so early into a grow what will happen later when the plant gets too much sleep? The plant will move into flower well before I intend it to. I cannot be home 24/7 to monitor the grobo.


My lights failed during flower… for 48 hours made the plant stretch so much and branches became flimsy … when I took the plant out of the grobo and under my fluence light in my tent the plant just couldn’t handle it even dimmed to 20 percent power lost the entire plant… 3 months down the drain


I think I got the most solid grobo made. I never have had any issues. Knock on wood.


Hey grow fam. Ive been on this issue for a little over a week now. Grobo support says my grobo is on a 20/4 light schedule during germ period. The only thing is no matter what time I set the off time for, my grobo always seems lit up. Can anyone please send me an actual picture of there grobo with the lights on & the lights off so I may compare to my own. Thanks fam :pray:t4::raised_hands:t4: