My girl did some LST on her own

I’ve had some trouble with Zkittlez Autos…some didn’t germ, some did but were weak & spindly & died off easy. I finally have a couple of going…one in the Grobo…on in the tent.

The girl in the Grobo did a little “self LST” this past week. I can’t quite explain it…stem is healthy, peat pod is not overly damp…I’ve had it elevated with toothpicks from week 1, roots look great. I think maybe I lifted the peat pod too high? I had it a bit lower when I first planted seed but lifted after a couple of days of early veg to prevent damping off. Now there are little roots poking out all over.


Well, everything looks alright…

You’re not experiencing root rot? Then I suppose you might’ve lifted her too high but then the pod would’ve fallen over too. :thinking:

Keep an eye on the stem for any discoloration or softness. Any of the aforementioned is no good. Should be hearty and green from the base of the stem


Thx…the stem looks great…I think it just takes a little longer for the stem to thicken up on this strain. As I stated earlier, I have had difficulty with this strain…I am stubborn & determined so I keep trying. My Zkittlez in my tent is growing (despite a lot of abuse…yellow spots & stunted growth due to fruit fly trap vinegar & Dawn got spilled into the reservoir when table collapsed…I’m sure there was some physical trauma too) and is growing straight.